What Ingredients Should You Find (And What Should You Find) In Your Moisturizer.

Can your moisturizer be dangerous? What a silly question. Moisturizers are intended to benefit our skin aren’t they. How could a moisturizer possibly be dangerous?

Unfortunately there are many petrochemical and chemical ingredients found in many moisturizers as well is many other products such as bath and beauty products and cosmetics. 2 examples are sodium lauryl sulphate and mineral oil.

Usually these chemical ingredients are used in skin care products such as moisturizers that so many women use because they are incredibly cheap. Mineral oil is the perfect example. Mineral oil is cheaper to buy than it is to dispose of.

If you visit the website of the Environmental Working Group you will see that they maintain a database of information about all of the chemical and petrochemical ingredients used in our personal products such as moisturizers. This database is called the Cosmetic Safety Database and it’s perfectly possible for you to search it to discover many of the health risks of so many of the chemical ingredients used in moisturizers and other skin care products and others.

If you search for sodium lauryl sulphate in the Cosmetic Safety Database you’ll see that the results tell you that sodium lauryl sulphate is linked to cancer as well as developmental and reproductive toxicity, neurotoxicity, organ system toxicity, skin irritation and much much more. And you will get similar results if you search for mineral oil.

There are many studies that show that these chemical and petrochemical ingredients so commonly found in our skin care and anti aging products such as moisturizers can have health implications. There was a study published recently in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology which was called “Tumorigenic Effect of Some Commonly Used Moisturizing Creams when Applied Topically to UVB-Pretreated High-Risk Mice”. In this study it was demonstrated that, when applied 5 times per day for 17 weeks to mice moisturizers containing mineral oil and sodium lauryl sulphate “increased significantly the rate of formation of tumors and the rate of increase in tumor size per mouse”.

And it was also interesting that the researchers, (who were very surprised at the results because they were actually studying to see if caffeine caused skin cancer in mice) decided to ask the manufacturer of the moisturizer to manufacture another moisturizer without mineral oil or sodium lauryl sulphate. And when tested this further moisturizer showed no effect at all on the tumor formation or the tumor growth in the mice.

When searching at the Cosmetic Safety Database you can search any of the chemical or petrochemical ingredients that are so commonly found in modern skin care and anti aging moisturizers, and you will see studies such as this one listed in the search results for you to read.

Although it may never have occurred to you there is a wide range of health risks that you may be exposed to because of the use of chemicals and petrochemical ingredients in modern moisturizers and other anti aging skin care products, it is clear that the health risks exist.

So perhaps you should decide that it’s dangerous to use these products and you should swear off anti aging skin care products forever. However this is unnecessary. There are good alternatives.

There are excellent niche skin care companies which recognize this problem with the big brand skin care products and which take this as an opportunity to get into the anti aging market by manufacturing high quality anti aging skin care products such as natural moisturizers using only known safe and effective natural ingredients such as the oils from fruits and nuts.

The anti aging market is massive and there are billions of dollars at stake and it is extremely difficult for small companies like this to compete with the big brand names, but they do so by differentiating themselves by producing safe and effective natural skin care products that will produce the results you want without risking your health. These companies do not use the chemical alternatives used by so many of the big brand-name manufacturers despite the fact that these chemical alternatives are much cheaper.

If you take your time to track down some of the products made by these small niche anti aging companies, and try the products, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the result. You won’t be putting your health at risk because these products are made using natural ingredients which are known to be safe to the skin and to the body and which are also highly effective at moisturizing. However it can be difficult to find these products such as natural moisturizers because the small companies that manufacture them are unable to compete with the marketing budget of the big players and do not advertise on television.

So although it may come as a shock to you the bad news is that modern big brand in care products such as moisturizers may well contain dangerous ingredients but the good news is that there are excellent natural alternatives available. There are natural skin care products which use only known safe and highly effective ingredients and these work well without risking your health.

On my website about natural skin care I try to alert my readers to these problems and point them in the direction of safe are more natural alternatives such as natural moisturizers and other natural anti aging products. Visit my website to find out more.

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