Various Things You Need to Know About Foundation Repair

When it comes to buildings, homes, and other structures, a foundation is considered as the fulcrum where its entirety rests or stands. With this in mind, you will come to think that a particular building is considered safe and secure only when it comes with a strong foundation.

When a building is determined to have an imperfect and defective foundation, this has to undergo foundation repair. A foundation repair is required when the following signs are seen: Cracks that are obviously seen on the outer walls of your building; Cracks that are seen on the inner walls of the building; Cracks on the ceiling of the building; Interior concrete floor of the building is sunken; Foundation walls of the building are buckled or bowed.

The weather is also considered as one of the many factors which contribute to the damages obtained by a structure’s foundation. Different levels of magnitude and intensity usually attribute to the kind of foundation repair intended for the building. As a matter of fact, floods and earthquakes are some of the most common natural disturbances which may contribute to the cracking, crumbling, splitting, or caving of a building’s foundation. When such natural catastrophes occur, it will be very important to check your foundation to come up with the right repair, thereby preventing any kind of accident.

The more complicated the foundation damage is, the more expensive the repair will become. And if certain damages are way too complicated for an average homeowner, it will be best to leave the repair tasks to a foundation repair professional. If you consider yourself a novice on foundation repairs, it will be helpful for you to know two main types of foundations which are: Slab-On-Grade Foundation and Pier & Beam Foundation.

Slab-On-Grade Foundation entails concrete slabs being poured right below the building or structure to provide more strength to the structure’s base.

Pier & Beam is a special kind of foundation repair which is considered as something deeper than the Slab-On-Grade type because it is intended for structures and buildings in areas which are frequented by frost and snow.

The most common types of materials used in foundation repair are cement, stone, wood and steel. These materials were commonly used before but as modernization of building construction has become persistent, foundation repair has become more effective with the following methods:

Slab Jacking – this involves a grouted beam or slab which is usually added with certain parts of sand.

Piering Method – this is also known as hydraulic jacking which usually makes use of posts being driven in an unstable soil. The use of hydraulic jacks provides reinforcement and more strength to concrete slabs that have been weakened.

Foundation repair is as important as constructing a new home, building or any type of infrastructure. Thus, this has to be structured well with the use of quality materials and appropriate methods in order to withstand any weather condition or natural disaster. The sturdiness of any home or building always depends on its foundation.

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