Using Balms To Help Aches And Pains

Centuries ago, before there were chemically manufactured products, apothecary owners would learn the properties of various herbs, plants, and other organic matter to help people soothe and treat common ailments like headaches, muscle pain, menstrual cramps, joint pain, and a myriad of other complaints. Today, the use of natural, plant-based remedies for similar complaints has seen a resurgence. People are gravitating towards products that are natural and revisiting the properties of those specific ingredients exclusive to nature. Topical balms containing natural ingredients are as effective at treating common aches and pains as they were hundreds of years ago.

Combining the principals of aromatherapy and herbal properties, balms and lotions that can be applied to the skin are soothing and healing; they can actually improve the appearance of skin as well. With ingredients like lavender, eucalyptus, peppermint, sandalwood, pepper extracts, cardamom, and many others readily available, there are an array of body balms that do more than just moisturize and heal dry skin. Not to mention, the combination of aromatic ingredients with healing herbals means modern-day balms are not only pleasant to use, but pleasant to smell.

Common ailments that can be helped with the use of healing balms include headaches, sore muscles, tired painful joints, and even insomnia. Many natural ingredients have remarkable healing powers, like Cayenne pepper extract as a natural anti-inflammatory and camphor as a natural muscle tension reliever. Combine these properties with essential oils chosen for their aromatic properties – like calming lavender – and you have the perfect blend of soothing ingredients.

While various combinations of natural ingredients can be used to promote healing of many common ailments, body balms are unequivocally the best type of skin product for soothing dry, cracked, and itchy skin. Better absorbed than water-based lotions, body balms with natural moisturizers can be used on the most sensitive of skin and still heal even the toughest, driest body parts. Dry or cracked lips, hands, feet, knees and elbows can feel soft and supple again with the use of body balms.

For moisturizing purposes, look for balms containing olive oil and beeswax. Olive oil is a wonderful ingredient for treating dry skin, dry hair, and dry, cracked cuticles. Beeswax helps soothe, heal and protect the skin by sealing in the body’s natural moisture. All natural and organic products ensure you aren’t using any harsh chemicals or artificial ingredients that simply mask problems and further dry the skin.

Natural body balms can also be used for children. Many children suffer from chapped lips and cheeks, especially in the winter as exposure to cold, dry air is maximized. The problem is magnified by the tendencies of children to lick their lips and wipe their little noses with their hands which spreads more moisture about the face and hastens chapping. You can treat this problem with body balm. By using balm with natural ingredients, you don’t have to worry about your child ingesting small quantities by continued licking or chewing.

Lavender is another practical herb that has been used in pediatric aromatherapy for decades. Lavender is naturally calming and promotes relaxation and sleep. You’ve probably seen major national brands of baby shampoos, washes, and lotions that contain lavender for use at night. There is real science behind this concept, as well as the use of eucalyptus as a relief from sore, stuffy noses.

For grown ups, balms can serve as muscle and joint pain relief but rather than smelling of camphor alone, why not use a body balm infused with sandalwood, lemongrass, or other aromatic ingredient so as not to offend the olfactory senses? For the purpose of soothing sore muscles and joints, look for body balms that also contain pepper extracts, arnica or peppermint. Some balms are designed to provide penetrating heat, while others, especially those containing camphor or eucalyptus, are designed to soothe by cooling. Alternate both varieties for improved relief.

Whether looking for a product to soothe, heal and protect dry skin or a product that will simultaneously moisturizer and soothe aches and pains, body balms are a terrific product choice. There are many different varieties – some all natural, others all natural and certified organic – but body balms containing any of the aforementioned ingredients are an excellent addition to your bath and body collection as well as your home remedy cache.

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