Use Sexy Makeup Tips to Liven Up Your Life

How long have you worn the same shade of lipstick? What about your trusty eye makeup? Have you been wearing the same thing for as long as you can remember? This is very common actually. Most women work out a style of dressing and makeup that suits them and then they make the mistake of sticking it to it for the rest of their lives. If you now find yourself in a rut, you can use some sexy makeup tips to make your looks come alive.

Makeup is nothing but a whole lot of paints and powders that help us express how we feel about ourselves. Neutral shades and colors that have not changed over the years indicate that the person has not changed as well. If you have never updated your look, your husband or partner is sure to be bored by it. He probably has forgotten that you were once a sexy vibrant person who had men such as him chasing after her.

You owe it to yourself to change your look by applying sexy and bold makeup to give yourself a dramatic look. Imagine the look on your husband’s face if you get ready for a night out by applying sexy evening makeup. Depending on which is your best feature, you should go for smoky and sensuous eyes or dark luscious lips. Smoky eyes will never fail to get you the desired attention. One rule that you should always follow is to highlight only one feature of your face else the effect will be lost due to overkill.

Keep a collection of eye colors handy so that you can make your eyes up in keeping with the latest trends. You also need eyeliner pencils, liquid eyeliner, eye shadow as well as various brushes of the best quality. Use fake eyelashes for a dramatically sexy look. The more expensive brands are a worthwhile investment because they look very natural.

Another way to look sexy without being too dramatic is to use a slight shimmer on your skin, particularly on your neckline if you are wearing a daringly low cut top. You can get some very nice shimmer moisturizer from your favorite cosmetic brands.

If you are in the practice of using foundation, give tinted moisturizer a try for a change. It will give you a dewy look, making you look much younger than you are while still looking sensual.

Your sexy makeup tips don’t have to be restricted to the evening. You can achieve a very attractive look even with your daily makeup routine. Pick up shimmery lipsticks in nude or very slightly tinted shades and see how your lips immediately look fresh and inviting without being overly done up.

You will be amazed to see how your husband or boyfriend reacts to your new look. He will discover a new woman in you and your life is certain to liven up immediately. Use these tips to keep changing your look so that you are always able to capture and maintain his interest.

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