Understanding the Different Programs for Addiction Treatment in Missouri

Addiction treatment in Missouri is not uni-dimensional. If you read about the addiction treatment program in Missouri, you will find that there are a diverse set of options and each of them run on several parallel lines. Since long, Missouri has been considering addiction as a mental ailment, akin to schizophrenia or bipolar disorder that the person cannot snap out of it singularly. It requires are lot of grit and effort to bring people out of this condition. And for that, concerted efforts are required not just in cleansing the patient bodily for what toxins the addiction must have accumulated within it, but also to counsel the person mentally in order to make them forget the temptation of the substance for good.

This is the approach of addiction treatment in Missouri which you must know if you are trying to get a person from your family into addiction treatment here. You must know what the treatment program is capable of doing.

There are various options for addiction treatment in Missouri, whether you are looking for your own treatment or the treatment for a member within the family who you are responsible for. What you must know here is that each treatment program is quite different. They have been set depending on the nature of the person’s addiction and the extent to which the addiction has consumed the patient. Even when you visit a counselor for substance abuse treatment in Missouri, the first thing they would do is to assess and analyze the condition of the patient’s addiction and then only will they suggest a treatment center. This clearly indicates that the treatment centers in the state are based on the nature and extent of the person’s addiction.

Now, based on that, there are the following kinds of addiction treatment centers in Missouri. You have to see what they can do for you, check out the magnitude of your own addiction and then make the decision to join into one of the programs.

Outpatient Treatment Program in Missouri

This is the simplest and the most convenient kind of addiction treatment program in Missouri. As the name suggests, the patient here continues to live at home, but has to visit the treatment center for about nine to ten hours in a week. To make the program more convenient, the patient can choose these timings and the days on which they can attend the program.

The program focuses more on counseling rather than detox treatment. This is because the people who come in here have quite manageable levels of addiction. They are supposed to be mentally and bodily fit so that they can go through this treatment program. People who have just completed a detox program may enroll into these outpatient treatment programs in Missouri. These people are permitted because after the detox they will be in a manageable state of addiction.

There is also a more severe version of the outpatient treatment program in Missouri, which is simply known as the intensive outpatient treatment program. The number of hours a person is supposed to attend treatment here is more than that at the mainstream outpatient treatment program.

Inpatient Treatment Program in Missouri

This is typically for people who are in a moderate to severe stage of addiction. This program will isolate the patient from family and friends and will keep them in a treatment center. One of the first things that will be done here is a complete detoxification program for the patient, depending on the patient’s nature of addiction. The detox may take anywhere between three days and three weeks because each person will go through a different extent of withdrawal.

After the withdrawal symptoms have been effectively looked into, the patient will be referred to an aftercare program. This could be done in an outpatient or residential treatment center, depending on how the patient took the detox treatment.

Residential Treatment Program in Missouri

People who are at really uncontrollable stages of addiction will be recommended a residential treatment program. This is a community based treatment, where after a detox program, the patient will live in companionship with other people who are undergoing a similar method of treatment. The detox here can be longer than the normal because of the long nature of addiction that has existed in the person. At the same time, the counseling treatment program that will follow the detox will be longer and more elaborate. In some cases, residential treatment programs can spread out to up to a year. But after the completion of a successful residential program, there are very few people in Missouri who have made a relapse into the addiction.

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