Understanding How A Drug Rehab Treatment In New Hampshire Functions

One of the most important kinds of treatments for addiction in New Hampshire is the rehab treatment program. A rehab treatment in New Hampshire is often considered as the most complete treatment program because it unites all kinds of therapies – medical and nonmedical – to form a treatment program that is not lacking in any way. There are some basic aspects to the rehab treatment in New Hampshire, which can be divided into three main stages. These three stages of the rehab treatment in New Hampshire are described below.

The Intervention Phase

The first phase of the rehab treatment program in New Hampshire is the intervention. Actually when most people are entered into rehab treatment, they are already convinced to get into the treatment. But this may not always be the case. There might be people who get back into a denial mode even after being admitted to the treatment program. This happens in a lot of people and the rehab programs have now to put efforts in bringing these patients to accept the treatment again. This is done through an intervention program.

As in the initial phase for overcoming denial, the intervention program involves the family of the patient. People from the family who participated in the intervention before are invited and they are told how they will have to convince the patient for accepting the treatment again. Then they are coached how they should go about it. They might be given speeches to deliver to the patient, which might mostly speak about how the patient needs to accept the treatment and come back to a sober life. Working together with the treatment center, the families succeed in motivating the patient to get on with the treatment program.

The Detox Treatment Phase

The next part of the treatment program is the detoxification treatment. Here the main objective is to purify the person’s body from all the accumulated toxins that are a result of the addiction. This is done by making the patient first abstain from the substance completely. Once that is done, the withdrawal effects will make their presence felt. It is the job of the treatment center now to provide a regular and well-monitored system of medication that can help keep the withdrawal effects away.

A normal detox treatment in New Hampshire will take somewhere about three days, but in cases of severe addictions, it can go on up to seven days because it will be all the more difficult to bring the withdrawal under control. However, there are some kinds of detox treatment in New Hampshire that can go even more than these seven days. Extremely addictive substance like methamphetamine and heroin can bring on this kind of prolonged detox.

Basically, the detox treatment program continues till the time all the withdrawal effects have subsided. The end of this program indicates that the patient will no longer get strong cravings for the substance and that the body has been totally internally cleansed from the toxins collected during the period of addiction.

The Aftercare Phase

The detox treatment is absolutely vital but by no means is it the end of the drug rehab treatment in New Hampshire. Since the detox treatment is only a bodily part of the treatment, it cannot actually reduce the craving of the substance, and as long as the mind is not conditioned to forget it. One of the main jobs of the aftercare treatment is to make the person think constructively and stay away from getting addicted again. Towards this end, the patient will also be provided with maintenance medication. This maintenance medication differs from one treatment program to another and from one kind of addiction to another.

The nature of the aftercare treatment program will depend on the kind of withdrawal effects the patient had. If the patient is in a very severe case of withdrawal, it means that the aftercare will be provided in an inpatient treatment program or probably in a residential treatment center. However, for people who have not experienced any major difficulties during the addiction withdrawal could be well suggested an outpatient treatment program which only needs to monitor their condition and provide some kind of treatment to curb the addiction of the patient.

One of the most significant things that happens during the aftercare treatment program is that the family becomes an important feature in the program. There is even a family counseling program in some of the treatment centers to ensure that families can cope with the condition better and understand what to do in case the patient is moving towards a relapse.

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