Types of Mascara

Mascara has been with us for thousands of years. Who invented it is not 100% clear, but it is thought that the Egyptians were the first to use it. They made it by combining dark substances such as powdered charcoal, crocodile dung or soot with honey and oil. They applied it not only to their eyelashes, but to the rest of their eye too. They drew a line around their eyes to form a barrier to keep evil out. By doing so, they brought the world eyeliner as well as Mascara.

Over the centuries, the way in which Mascara was made changed considerably. Modern Mascara is made by combining a pigment with wax and oils. As you can imagine one of the first ingredients to be replaced was crocodile dung. At one time tar or coal was the most popular pigment used, however many countries have now banned the use of tar and coal for this purpose.

The oils used vary considerably and include linseed, castor, eucalyptus, lanolin, and oil of turpentine. Recently some manufacturers have found a way of using sesame oil. It is a light oil that means it is easier to apply the Mascara without clumping. Because modern products are made using light oils rather than just wax, they are far easier to remove.

The Right Mascara for You

Which Mascara is right for you is dependent on several factors. If you have sensitive eyes, you have to be careful to choose a light Mascara that is easy to remove.

There are several colours to choose from and many women have one of each in their makeup kit. However, generally speaking blue Mascara does not look right with brown eyes. You need to experiment to find the right shade for you.

Be sure to buy Mascara that you find easy to apply. The type of applicator is important. Shop around until you find one that you like or ask a beautician for advice. You also need to find a Mascara that does not run or clump. There are plenty available on the market, you just need to shop around a bit to find them.

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