Top tips for mascara

Mascara is a great thing which can help you to improve your looks and add a certain level of attractiveness to your overall personality. A lot of females have started applying mascara while doing makeup. But then you have to realize that the mascara should be used properly in order to do the magic. There are a lot of mascaras available like Eyes of Horus mascara which a makeup product by Eyes of Horus. But then all the ladies out there have to be clear that the mascara should be used in a proper manner. Then only you can expect it to work perfectly for your eyes.

Here are the top tips for applying mascara correctly on your skin –

1. The first step is that you should choose your mascara properly. You have to make sure that you have chosen that color which you think will suit you the best. There are different color choices available for mascaras. You have to choose the one which looks the best on your eyes. If your eyelashes are dark, use brown mascara during the day and black during the night.

2. After you have selected the mascara for you, you have to start curling your eyelashes. You will curl your eyelashes after you have applied some makeup on them. You should try to avoid the metal curlers and try to use the padded ones.

3. You should be careful while you are pulling out the wand. You should pull the want in a single motion as the pumping brings in too much amount of air inside the tube which can lead to the situation of dying out.

4. Place the wand on the underside of your upper eyelashes. While you are applying the mascara, you should move it towards the tip in a zigzag motion. Try to use the wand at a certain angle so that you can add more curl and definition. You should be careful about not blinking for a few seconds until the mascara has dried completely.

5. Use fewer amounts of mascara for your lower eyelashes. Now slowly pull down and color the eyelashes.

6. If there is any mascara around the eyes, remove it with cotton buds. If think that you are not completely ready, you can re-curl and apply the mascara again.

These were some tips for applying mascara on your eyes and how to improve your overall look.

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