Toner Cartridges For Picture Perfect Printing

Gone are the days when printing was a dot-matrix or an ink jet’s printer’s affair only. Quality and cost was always compromised and ‘printed’ docs were for reference purposes only. But thanks laser printing technology printing has now become a day-to-day and cheap thing that you can carry out at will. For your home and your office a laser printer is a necessity these days as it is durable, cost effective and above all, gives quality print outs.

Toner Cartridge is the part of the printer that is responsible for the printing of the machine. This contains the powder of the toner, which consists of a dry mix of carbon, plastic particles and of the coloring agent in black or colored ink. This together makes the printing of the picture on the paper actually possible. The heated rollers help the transferring of the ink on paper through an electro-statically charged unit.
The quality of printing and the life of the printer depend upon how you maintain it. Besides taking all the precautions needed for a sophisticated electronics device, you will need to use the right cartridge in your printer. For that purpose, you should know the general fact about the toner and cartridge.

Printer toner is used for Laser Printers. Laser printers print very fine and smooth pictures and these toners are cheap as compared to ink. Printer toner is very widely available in the market in different brands and one can compare the prices and the durability based on the brand and buy any that is compatible with their printer.

Printer toner cartridges are the cartridges that are mostly used in Laser printers. These cartridges mostly last about 2000 pages or more, depending on the company and the offers available.
There are different types of toner cartridges:

1. OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturer) are the original printer toners that are manufactured by the company and are the standard product. These are usually shipped along with the printer or available separately

2. Generic or Alternative Brand and not refilled or remanufactures; they are new printer toner cartridges by different brands that are compatible with the product and work just as the originals. These are also easily procurable in the market; but the quality may differ from manufacturer to manufacturer.

3. Re-manufactured – are the OEMs that are re-filled. They are the original outer shells that are refilled with the toner. Refilled toner cartridge is the cheapest option available to anyone. However, this not the best as some of the printer manufacturers makes the warranty void on the printing head if they find that the printer has re-manufactured cartridge

Samsung Toners are very popular choice for printer toners nowadays. These Samsung toners are of very good quality and are very reputed and reliable. These toners make various types of cartridges for different needs, like black and colored and for different printers. These toners are very easy to use and can be changed at home without any help by yourself, conveniently and easily.

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