Tips for Buying Mascara

If you want to change the mascara you use, you are in luck because there is plenty to choose from. Over the years, makeup manufacturers have come up with new formulas and new brushes designed to give you the lashes you want.

Many women have more than one kind of mascara in their makeup bag and if you can afford to do so, this is the right approach.

Buying the Right Mascara for You

Mascaras are designed to do four things to darken your lashes, lengthen them, thicken them and give them a better shape. Some mascaras claim to do all four, but few really deliver on all fronts. You may find that mascara that lengthens your lashes can make them look too thick, and you may not like the shape of your lashes.

The key is to experiment and try out as many types of mascara as you can. Swapping mascaras with your girlfriends is a good way of trying out different makes and types. However, be careful when you do this. Make sure you do not swap eye makeup with women who are suffering from eye infections like conjunctivitis. If you get the opportunity to have your makeup done by a beautician, ask them if you can try out a few different types of mascara. Some beauty counters will also allow you to try out a range of mascaras.

The type of brush you choose is key to the look you will end up with. If you want voluptuous lashes for a night out on the town go for a thicker brush. Skinny brushes tend to apply less mascara to each lash they give a more sophisticated look, which works well for daytime use. If you have very fine eyelashes you should go for a product that will thicken you lashes as well as lengthen them.

Make sure that any mascara you buy is at the very least smudge resistant and waterproof. Be careful to only buy branded products and to buy them from a shop or website you can trust. Fake mascaras can contain harmful chemicals.

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