Tips for Applying Mineral Powder

Mineral face powders give your face a vibrant glow while enhancing your natural skin tone. The deep tones and pigmentation, however, can be a little tricky to apply and sometimes end up looking too dark or too obvious looking.

Mineral powder is a loose, thick powder that’s a lot different than traditional pressed powders. It clings simply to the skin and a minimal powder covers a lot of area.

Applying the mineral face powder requires a special brush. If your powder did not come with one, don’t substitute a regular make up brush, as this will result in uneven distribution. Instead, buy yourself a kabuki brush. The special fibres of these brushes are made for mineral make up, and allow for proper application without caking or clumping.

To apply your make up, tap a little mineral powder onto a clean flat surface. Very often, the cover of your make up container will work just great. Soak your brush into the powder until it is covered, and then tap it on the edge of the sink or against your hand to remove any loose excess powder. This step might seem wasteful, but it is crucial to ensure your powder is dispersed equally. In any other case you could wind up with darker patches in some areas of your face, which is really hard to smooth out.

Beginning with the middle of your face, apply the powder using small steady circles until your whole face is covered. You can use your finger tips or a make up wedge to softly smooth out spots beneath the eyes or at the jaw lines.

When applied properly, mineral powders offer a soft and natural finish that matches your skin tone, allowing the natural reflection of light on your skin. While it does take some time to completely master the technique, you will be pleasantly impressed at how frequently individuals you see every single day let you know how great you look.

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