Tips About Hairstyle Toners

Hair darkens as people age. Dark pigments in the hair deepens thus applying lighter shade on it may not give a promising result. Thus, it is recommended to use hair toners to achieve the hair color you desired. Hair toners are often used to take away raw pigments found on the hair. Different kinds of hair toners are available and the demi-permanent hair toner is the most common among them. These products are applied in the hair to improve its color and prevent damage after dying. Below are some information about hair toners and instructions on how to use them.

Transforming dark hair to a lighter one is difficult and usually takes two processes to achieve best results. If you wish to lighten your colored hair, the stylist will first pre-lighten the hair and after that, will apply the shade you want that is at least two times lighter than the original color of your hair. Hair toners are used after to improve the hair color.

In addition, other products are used to deposit colors, but are translucent and enhance the natural color variation of the hair. They are not really referred to as toners but are more known as translucent formulas that do the same job as hair toner does.

Other toners that allow one to do a little color shift is also available. These products are oftentimes used to add tint in the hair. Such can be used to add a shade of brown color to add an auburn tone to the hair. They can also be used to remove the brassy shade in blond colored hair.

It is important to choose the right toner. Looking at colors you want your hair to be helps you in picking the right toner. Also, go through the color wheel to know and understand which hair tones will fit you and will match on your skin and eye color.

In applying hair toners, start in small sections, apply it directly to the roots, and cover your hair completely with the toner by slowly sliding your fingers towards the very tip of your hair. Cover the uncolored hair with the toner by running your fingers on your head completely. Allow it to set for several minutes depending on what is indicated in the product’s box. Use mild shampoo and cool water to rinse your hair to wash away any chemicals.

Do not use the two-step process all by yourself for you might not be able achieve the results you wished. Yet, if you wish to try it on your own, remember to first choose the hair toner that fits you and carefully follow the instructions in the product’s box for best outcome.

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