Things You Won’t Like About Best Waterproof Mascara And Things You Will

Selecting the best waterproof mascara will enable you to have the most beautiful eyes in the room, regardless of the tears that you shed, the rain that falls or the sweat that you break. When it comes time to choose it is always a good idea to find a smudge-free product that also works to nourish your lashes. You want a mascara that doesn’t drip, run or smudge, but comes off easily when the time is right without taking your lashes with it.

There is a goodly number of reasons to need a mascara that is impervious to moisture. Wedding parties that do not grasp this concept are the epitome of a hot mess. No one wants to look at bridal pictures or bridal parties that look like a bunch of raccoons playing dress-up.

When you hit the gym there is also good reason to have a mascara that doesn’t run. Not only does sweaty mascara in your eyes impair your vision and throw a monkey wrench in your workout, but it is totally uncool. How can you possibly hook-up with a hot body when you are goggling at everyone, half-blinded with raccoon eyes.

One simple truth is that if you buy the wrong product or a truly cheap product you may actually sacrifice your lashes for a night or two of beauty. Some of the alternatives are drying and can even pull out your lashes when removed. You need to find a great product that is efficient and that also offers a conditioning agent to both protect and enhance your lashes. Otherwise your next night on the town might be prefaced with you gluing your lashes on.

You should look for protects that contain vitamin B5 and aloe or any other natural moisturizing agent to protect your lashes. This will help you look good and stay looking that way. You should also take the time to check out the applicator as well. Since you plan on having your mascara stick around for a while you should be able to apply it properly in the first place. Look for a simple applicator that doesn’t create clumps.

The best waterproof mascara will only be the one that works best for you. Some people have naturally lush lashes, while others have lashes that are thick but light toned at the tips. Trying several brands before committing is inexpensive and easy to do by requesting samples or coupons from the major manufacturers in order to commit to a product that you love. The online rating and review systems will also supply you with plenty of consumer information to help you make an educated decision.

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