There Are Powerful Reasons To Use A Natural Moisturizer

There is one fast-growing segment of the anti aging skin care market and that is natural skin care products. This includes natural moisturizers and there are strong reasons for this movement away from mainstream skin care products. Natural skin care products are both safer and more effective than so many of the well known brands. Lets examine why you should consider a natural moisturizer.

Modern well-known moisturizers, as well as so many other modern skin care and anti aging products, contain many petrochemical and chemical ingredients. Mineral oil is a good example.

Mineral oil comes from crude oil and is a petrochemical product which is found in hundreds if not thousands of moisturizers. If you search the cosmetic safety database you’ll find that mineral oil is linked to allergies and immunotoxicity, cancer, skin irritation and bioaccumulation and more. The one reason mineral oil is used in so many anti aging products is because it is extremely cheap.

Mineral oil has no moisturizing properties. It is used to coat the skin with a film of oil with the expectation that this will prevent moisture loss. Whilst this is effective it means that the user risks all the health concerns previously mentioned and also increases the risk of acne.

There are many naturally occurring alternatives which make outstanding natural moisturizers. Olive oil, shea butter and macadamia nut oil are all wonderful natural moisturizers however it is extremely rare to find them in mainstream skin care products because they are way more expensive than chemical alternatives like mineral oil and others.

This is becoming more well-known and this is why there is a move away from chemical laden skin care products towards natural skin care products such as natural moisturizers which use safer and more effective natural ingredients.

Some consumers are choosing to source these natural moisturizers and are using them in their raw state. Whilst some are available in their raw state some are not, and that can be messy and awkward to make up your own facial moisturizer or body moisturizer in this way.

But there are companies, usually small niche skin care company, which recognise the opportunity in this problem and who choose to manufacture natural skin care products with known safe and effective natural ingredients. These companies produce excellent products such as natural moisturizers which are very effective.

However if these natural ingredients are very expensive should we not conclude that the products in which they are used are also very expensive? That in fact is not the case. There is one simple reason. These small companies choose to direct their budget towards product quality rather than towards marketing. They do not advertise on television and therefore do not need to factor the cost of television advertising into the price of the product and are therefore able to produce a price competitive product. Often they include a money back guarantee.

There are, as you can see, very powerful reasons for this movement away from chemical laden mainstream skin care products. The movement is towards more natural, safer and more effective products and away from the big brand names.

But it is quite common that consumers have never heard of these small niche skin care companies because they do not advertise. However when they discover the effectiveness of the products they are usually extremely pleasantly surprised and routinely become lifelong customers.

So if you’re looking for an all natural moisturizer the good news is that there are excellent natural skin moisturizers available. To find out where to locate these products visit my website.

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