The Importance of Regular Face Wash Routines

One must always remember that it is important to keep the face clean, although the washing process can be so simple. One should not take it for granted that the face is not as important as other parts of the body. The face is the first portion of the body which a person focuses on.


The environment today has changed drastically, which affects the face condition dramatically. The heavy pollution in the city is due to dirt and dust, as well as exhaust -gases and smoke from vehicles and factories. Tiny particles and microbes fill the air, which land on the face to cover its pores and clogged them to trigger acne and bad skin.

Too many adverse human activities cause a negative impact on the skin condition. The skin is exposed to the whole spectrum of poisonous pollution every day.


A simple face wash is really all that is required to keep the skin in good condition. The constant exposure of the skin to the daily pollutants should inspire one to have a good face wash whenever possible.

It is useless to put on the most expensive cream, without washing the skin thoroughly. Hence, an effective face wash is crucial before applying the creams and potions, to enhance the skin.

You can choose many types of face wash agents for the different skin types.

Inappropriate solution

However, not every type of face wash agent is effective for the face. For example, it is unwise to use a bar soap in the face wash routine. The bar of soap is alkaline in nature, which tends to dry up the skin cells. Moreover, chlorinated hard water with bar soap cleansing adversely affects the skin.

Hence, it is crucial to understand what should and should not be used as part of the face wash routine. A face wash is the first stage in any skin nourishment routine. One should wash the face twice a day with a good face wash agent.

Cleansing Regime

The first thing in the morning should be a gentle face wash using a foaming cleanser that is gentle on the skin, to remove any night oil from the skin’s pores. The last thing at night should be a face wash to get rid of all dirt and microbes, with another face wash using a good cleanser and scrub skincare product.

In between the day, if one is highly exposed to the harsh weather or environmental conditions, a third or fourth face wash would be appropriate to keep the skin clean and healthy.

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