The Detox Treatment Program: Implementation And Objectives

The detox treatment program is really important in order to make sure that there is not even an ounce of the addictive substance in the patient’s body. The detox treatment is most of the times done in an inpatient treatment program but there are a few instances where it is also done in outpatient treatment programs. The detox treatment is given to the addict if the addict is into addiction since a long time. During the detox treatment the addict will have to stay completely away from the addictive substance.

The actual format of the detox treatment program is given below.

1. The detox treatment is done on the patient, only after checking that the patient doesn’t have any physical of psychiatric abnormalities. This is check by taking an oral interview of the addict or also by doing some tests on the addict. If the tests reveal that the addict is not fit for the detox treatment, then various other methods of treatment will be suggested to the addict. And if the tests are normal, than the addict will begin their detox treatment as early as possible.

2. To make the addict ready for detox treatment, the addict will be advised to stay completely away from the addictive substance. The patient will be given some medicines that will help them to suppress the urge of the addictive substance. These medications are known as maintenance medications. These medicines will be given to the patient all throughout the detox treatment and also in the aftercare program.

3. Depending upon the extent and the nature of the addiction in the patient, the patient will start getting withdrawal symptoms, within first two days of starting the detox treatment. For alcohol addicts, the withdrawal symptoms last up to three days while for methamphetamine and heroin addicts, the withdrawal symptoms can last up to one month.

4. Depending upon the withdrawal symptoms, the treatment provider will give the medications to the patient. The common withdrawal symptoms that the patient feels are muscle cramps, body pains, nausea and dizziness. These symptoms will be given immediate treatment by the healthcare provider. Within few days the patient will show positive result to these medications and the withdrawal symptoms of the body will become less and less.

5. Once the withdrawal symptoms are completely eliminated, the detox treatment ends. That doesn’t mean that the addiction treatment program also stops. After this the patient will need to take aftercare therapy. The patient will be referred to an outpatient treatment program or a residential treatment program; this depends upon the extent of the patient’s addiction and the withdrawal symptoms faced by them.

6. If the patient had severe withdrawal symptoms, then they will be referred to residential treatment programs. In residential treatment programs, the patient will be under the observation of the health care provider.

This way the detox treatment program gets implemented in any addiction treatment program. But there is one more important aspect of this detox treatment program. Without knowing the purpose of the detox program, the knowledge of detox treatment program is incomplete. Most of the people think that taking an addiction treatment program is more than enough, as their main aim is to stop their addiction and they are least bothered about the toxins inside their body. But this approach will make them repent in future.

The first and the most important purpose for implementing the detox treatment program are to purify the body of the addict. Due to the prolonged addictions to addictive substance, the addict’s body has plenty of addictive substance stored inside their body. Thus, even if the addict stops taking addictive substance, the already accumulated addictive substance can still make the addict terribly ill. In short the addict will have to face major health related consequences in future. That’s why the addict must take care to remove these toxins from their body and the only way to do it is the detox treatment.

If the addict takes an addiction treatment program that does not have a detox treatment, then it is possible that the addict will be free of their addiction but whatever toxins are accumulated in their body due to their addiction habits, will surface sooner or later and can cause many health complications. That means if the addict wants to be sure that they will not get any dependency-related health troubles after leaving their addiction, they will need to take a detox treatment program.

These points make it amply clear why the detox treatment is an important part of the addiction treatment program and cannot be avoided. However, there are options you can choose from.

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