Summer White Weddings

In the summertime, it is common to see a lot of bright and bold colors chosen for weddings. By no means does that mean that a bride cannot design a gorgeous classic white wedding during the summer months, however. Take a look at this inspiration for how to do a perfectly summery all-white wedding.

Obviously the place to begin with a white wedding is the bridal gown. There are a number of stunning fabrics from which to choose for your dress. Crisp white organza is great for a wedding with a clean and classic sensibility. The gauzy romantic style of chiffon and tulle are ethereal and lovely. For a less formal summer wedding, materials like white linen, white-on-white seersucker, or white eyelet would be fantastic. If you prefer a somewhat heavier fabric which is still great for the warm weather months, consider silk gazar, silk mikado, or silk shantung. Remember that silk will breathe better than a gown made of artificial fibers! Simpler accessories feel right in the summer, such as a tin cup necklace. The white pearls will suit the theme of the wedding, and the tin cup design has an openness that is ideal for a hot summer day.

White flowers abound in the summertime. A bouquet of snowy garden roses arranged in a romantic cascade would be breathtaking for a garden wedding. Showy lilies with pink speckles on their white petals are great for creating a bit of drama. Other bridal favorites such as orchids, gardenias, and stephanotis are all great choices for your centerpieces and bouquets. Big fluffy balls of white hydrangeas are another fabulous possibility, as are ethereal clouds of delicate white baby’s breath.

There are many beautiful options for summer white wedding cakes. A classic design is a cake which is decorated with a Swiss dot design. For a casual wedding, consider a white diagonal quilted design with a tiny sugar daisy placed at each cross. So sweet and the little hint of yellow in the centers of the sugar flowers will be a nice detail. If your wedding is formal, create a grand confection with many tiers. A cascade of finely crafted white sugarpaste orchids, roses, and ranunculus tumbling down the side will be magnificent. Add a bit of shimmer with a dusting of pearlescent powder, if you choose.

To add visual interest to white reception decorations, combine beautiful textures. Think sheer swathes of organza draped across the ceiling of a tent or slubby silk shantung tablecloths with a faint shimmer. Lace is a classic white bridal fabric which can be used in numerous ways to decorate a summer wedding. Don’t forget about the glowing white candles for an evening reception!

So you see, it is entirely possible to create a gorgeous summertime wedding while using a restrained and elegant color palette. From casual to formal, ballroom to beach, any wedding can be decorated in an all-white design. One thing is for certain, with all of these marvelous details in combination, your summer white wedding will be anything but dull.

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