Sparkle And Shine With Innovative Wedding Photography Recommendations

Naturally, the bridal accessories are another great place to add glitter and glamor to the wedding. Start with stunning crystal bridal jewelry, which can be created in any number of styles from modern to classic to vintage. A beautiful set of crystal bridal jewelry will make any bride feel like royalty on her wedding day! Next layer in a tiara, comb, or set of hairpins with crystals and mirror back crystals to bring that wonderful shine to your hair. And don’t forget a pair of wedding shoes with sparkly details so that you shine from head to toe on your wedding day.

The most obvious place to use sparkle is the wedding attire. There are so many ways that hints of shimmer and shine can be added that a bride can really feel like a star by the time everything has been pulled together. A great place to begin is with the wedding gown. For a very subtle shine, choose a silver metallic embroidery on a fabric with a gorgeous glow, such as sumptuous silk satin. When you want a bit more shimmer, it is time to incorporate additional embellishments. Sequins and rhinestones are options, and then there is the gold standard for sparkle: Swarovski crystals. Clear or “ab” finished crystals are stunning when used for beading on a wedding gown. If you want a silvery icy sparkle, opt for mirror back Swarovski crystals. They are available in a variety of shapes, such as tiny round discs, little flowers, or Art Deco inspired square mirror back crystals, which make divine decorative buttons.

Glitter can be used to great effect for diy wedding decorations, as well. Try dipping branches into glue and covering with shimmering silver glitter for a fabulous addition to centerpieces and ceremony arrangements. This works beautifully in combination with very tall floral displays. Or use tall clear vessels for your centerpieces and fill them with a sparkling element. Crystals in either an “ab” finish or your wedding color look incredible in the bottom of a clear vase, especially when surrounded by low votive candles.

The first suggestion is Fridge magnets – They are readily available even in shops in shopping malls but for better design options, you can head on to special bridal favor stores. They also have varying sizes and the most common ones can already fit your wedding details and you photo on the background. Second suggestion is Glass coaters – Whether made of glass, wood or other material, it is big enough to accommodate your photo and wedding details. Finally – Tin cans – Tins can range from small tin cans for after-coffee mints or the ones where you can place home-baked cookies. You can have these tin cans specially printed with your wedding details and you can have the colored ones printed with your photos as well.

There are so many ways to add glitter to your wedding that you may find it hard to choose between them. If you opt for small touches of glitter and shimmer, you can use them throughout your entire wedding without it being too much sparkle (as if there were such a thing!). Nothing says celebration quite like a bit of sparkle!

To really make your pre-wedding photoshoot look stylishly impressive, check out the bridal transfers available from to buy glitzy sparkling diamante transfers that you can quickly and easily iron onto your ‘getting ready’ wedding garments.

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