Simple Steps to Perfect Face Contouring

If you have a round shaped face or a fuller face, learning to perfectly contour your face using makeup can help accentuate certain prominent features of your face. Blush, bronzer and a highlighter along with some high quality makeup brushes are great products to get started with. You don’t need a huge bag of products. Simply investing in a few products with one or two brushes is all you need for perfect face contouring.


The first product you should apply is a bronzer. The ideal bronzer should only be about one to two shades darker than your actual skin tone. You will want to invest in a separate bronzer in the summer and a different one in the winter if you are someone that likes to get a tan in the warmer months. Different products work differently with different complexions so it might take some trial and error to find the bronzer you like best.

> Apply the bronzer right under your cheekbones. This should be pretty parallel with your jaw line. You do this so you accentuate your cheekbones even if they aren’t overly prominent on their own.

> Also apply some bronzer on the sides of your nose starting from the top of the bridge straight down each side. This is ideal for people who don’t have distinguished noses as it will make your nose look longer and thin.

> Don’t forget the neck and a bit of bronzer swept under the chin


The next product you should grab is your blush. There are so many different shades of blush these days so really pick one that compliments your skin tone and won’t appear too bright or pink.

> Apply the blush right above where you applied the bronzer on your cheeks, the apple of your cheek. It should follow your jaw line as well and will make your cheeks pop. If it’s summer time you might need to pick a brighter blush that will show up on your tanned skin. Cream blushes are also available on the market and can be used instead of a powder blush.


A good quality highlighter is a product not many people keep in their makeup bags but it’s the key ingredient to perfect face contouring. This is what all the stars wear to make them look flawless and perfect. A very little amount goes a long way.

> Dab a little bit of highlighter on the bottom center of your lower lip. It will make your lips stand out and look plumper. Apply your lip gloss over it.

> If your nose has a small bump or hump on the top of it you can use highlighter to take away from its notice-ability.

> Apply highlighter to your brow bones to accentuate your eyes.

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