Simple DIY Lemon Face Scrub

I love making scrubs & beauty treatments at home! They’re easy and you probably already have all the ingredients!! Here is a simple DIY lemon face scrub that anyone can do. You can use it on you face or even your body.

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This is a super simple and easy DIY Sugar Scrub recipe. It only requires 4 all natural ingredients that are beneficial for your skin. Use it a couple times a week to say goodbye to dry dull skin and hello to smooth glowing and healthy skin.

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You will need

1 Cup White Sugar
1 Cup Raw Sugar
1/2 Cup Coconut Oil –
1/2 Cup Olive Oil

Feel free to change up the ingredients to whatever suits you, this is only a guideline :)

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25 thoughts on “Simple DIY Lemon Face Scrub”

  1. Ruth B says:

    i love your channel and all your videos.

  2. Ruth B says:

    Are you an Esthetician or Cosmetologist? I am an Esthetician and I think your channel is great 😊

  3. chad cramer says:

    I'll have to try that where did you get the lavender oil?

  4. chad cramer says:

    This is awesome I have to try this!

  5. Natalia Simmons says:
  6. jessica carr says:

    You just got yourself a new subscriber

  7. Breanna Anderson (Foxy) says:

    Do you have to have raw sugar? Because I don't have any.

  8. sugar crystals says:

    can i use it for my face? 😶

  9. Emily Neaves says:

    can you use the scrub on your face?

  10. Neeyon Peenk says:

    I simmered my coconut oil with green and lavender tea.

  11. JLady590 says:

    I don't know why I stopped doing this. it works

  12. Giana Castro says:

    this works so well!!!

    If you don't have coconut oil you can just use olive oil it still works


    carina cane you put the scrub on youre face

  14. Kenzie Marcum says:

    I made this for my mom and she loved it. She loved it so much that she made me make some for her close friends, sisters, and her mom. I even tried it out myself and she was not lying!

  15. EveryOtherYoutuber ! says:

    wait do you shave it off or just wash it

  16. CoDDominator * says:

    kiwi ?? thanks for helping 😁

  17. hailey kever says:

    ok wth is a sugar scrub

  18. DNH -97 says:

    for how long can u store it in there?

  19. Eliza Blackwood says:

    Is it edible?

  20. Rebecca Koehnen says:

    try adding some vanilla extract
    or scented oils

  21. Double DJ (Dashball101) says:

    Can you add brown sugar instead of raw sugar?

  22. Sneakers Msp says:

    Is it normal that afterwards UR skin is oily?

  23. Hey its leila Leila says:

    What is the substitute of coconut oil

  24. iLearnedItFromThePizzaMan says:

    can you put this on your face and lips?

  25. Chai Latte says:

    Looks great! I am so gonna try it! how do we store it? and how long does it last? Thank you

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