Shimmer and Shine vs My Little Pony KIDS GAMES | Surprise Toys Blind Bags MLP & Genie Wheel Game

Shimmer and Shine vs My Little Pony KIDS GAMES | Surprise Toys Blind Bags MLP & Genie Wheel Game Video for kids. Who gets the best toy haul, Shimmer and Shine or My Little Pony? Watch us spin the wheel and punch the box of your favorite Shimmer and Shine and My Little Pony characters to reveal SURPRISE TOYS, blind bags, icky slime surprises and cool toy openings.

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Go Shimmer and Shine and GO MY LITTLE PONY!
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Shimmer and Shine Wish and Spin Dolls with the Naiah and Elli Toys Show! Shine misses Shimmer and the kids wish her through the genie portal, but the genies forgot to clean their room. Their dad shows up and gets mad. This is a compilation video with a balloon pop surprise toy challenge.


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40 thoughts on “Shimmer and Shine vs My Little Pony KIDS GAMES | Surprise Toys Blind Bags MLP & Genie Wheel Game”

  1. Kalani Webb says:

    I think my little pony won

  2. Emily Walker says:


  3. Kelly Hinrickson says:

    it's sweetie bell

  4. MikaylaFox 752 says:

    Shimer and shine

  5. What's up Mia Gautreaux says:

    Sweetie bell

  6. Lili Gauthier says:


  7. Lili Gauthier says:


  8. Puppet 6666 says:

    Do my little pony vs paw patrol

  9. Lunagameing 90 says:

    That was Luna you inbox.

  10. Aidan Doss says:

    lea is the best one there but shine was good to

  11. Aidan Doss says:

    Lea or Shine

  12. Jade's Toy World says:

    Zweette bel

  13. Sarah Turner says:

    Sweetie Bell!!! Sweetie Bell!!! Sweetie Bell!!! Is Her Name
    PS. your the best Goldie.🌹🌹🌹

  14. Melody kona says:

    sweetie pie

  15. E everything George says:

    It is sweetie Belle

  16. danny rules says:


  17. Blaze_The_Cat Blaze says:

    it's the sister of Rarity

  18. mlebron90 says:


  19. Fashioncats5music says:

    Mlp wins

  20. Fashioncats5music says:


  21. Savannah Hughes says:

    cute cute cute cute

  22. Arielle Fiveysky says:

    dodo you say

  23. fortune Cookiez says:


  24. Big Yoshi Fan says:


  25. Shannon Griffith says:

    I love you

  26. E Medina says:

    Nina archly got Gary eyeball headband

  27. Jayleen And Friends says:

    you are funny I went to the beach in the 4 July

  28. Reis Harriott says:

    so cute

  29. sthefani mannucci says:

    I love you so much Naiah and Elli your so cute and I love your videos

  30. lagdamag says:


  31. Ashley McSwain says:

    do the pom pom video

  32. Marie Chavanne says:

    kkooooo9988 I

  33. Marie Chavanne says:

    t un I'm

  34. diva c says:


  35. No More Friend says:


  36. No More Friend says:


  37. Funcat 130 says:

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  38. dminchowable says:

    So cute

  39. Derrel Lewis says:

    im Derrel daughter

  40. Derrel Lewis says:

    I'm geting a shine toy like that tomorrow

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