SHIMMER AND SHINE Mermaid Dolls Find FINDING DORY with Splashings Toy Review + Toys Episodes

Shimmer and Shine Mermaid Dolls help Destiny search for DORY from Finding Dory. They find DORY trapped in a coral reef after she was chased by a shark or sea monster or something. Next Shimmer and Shine rescue DORY and take her to the Splashings Medical Clinic where she gets X-Rays, a checkup and some medicine. Video includes complete toy review of the Splashlings Medical Clinic.

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20 thoughts on “SHIMMER AND SHINE Mermaid Dolls Find FINDING DORY with Splashings Toy Review + Toys Episodes”

  1. Miriam Hickey says:


  2. Elissa Duckworth says:

    The shark bit it

  3. ernie lucero says:

    Show us how to make the mermaid tails!

  4. Treyz Games says:

    love it

  5. RH Kohler says:

    Her tail got bent

  6. princess requllo says:


  7. Giane Monte says:


  8. adam jacobs says:

    It's broken nothing say nothing

  9. Teresa Chatman says:

    I love your videos

  10. miraculous ladybug says:

    I think the shark bit her

  11. Cait Clifford says:

    I love your nails did you get them done or did you do it your self

  12. Emma Gregory says:

    She was bieten

  13. nefer Maravilla says:

    she got bit

  14. nefer Maravilla says:


  15. PlayGamer7 AJ says:

    Broken bone tail

  16. Charlie Ward says:

    I think broke her tale 😭🐟🐠🐋

  17. mary grace toledo says:

    The tail is stain?

  18. Maranda's Toys & Books says:

    The Shimmer and Shine dolls are awesome!

  19. Little ally Minecraft says:

    Your lovely

  20. ANDY MULLEN says:

    She got bit by. The. Shark

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