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Every homeowner wants to keep their homes in very good condition and may require frequent inspection of damages and possible issues that may lead to quicker deterioration of the materials used in building the house. Immediate repairs are the best solution in keeping houses safe and sound, reducing damage and repair costs and in ensuring the longevity of the family’s place. One of the most common problems for aging homes is the presence of foundation cracks. These foundation cracks are often ignored by homeowners since damages are not realized as soon as they appear. However, these foundation cracks will not heal overtime and may lead to severe structural problems in the future. Hiring Foundation Crack Repair Ottawa specialists can help deal with these cracks immediately and provide solutions that can last for years.

Foundation cracks are usually caused by the natural settling of one’s home in the area where it is built. The weight of the foundation shifts when it settles and may cause a number of different forces in the concrete, resulting to stresses that lead to foundation cracks. As the temperature varies and in some cases, lead to extremely hot and cold temperatures, these foundation cracks will continue to move, expand and contract. These foundation cracks may appear very small in the beginning but will eventually crawl through the wall interiors and exteriors. Vertical cracks are the most common ones usually appear near the ceilings, but there are also horizontal cracks that indicate severe structural problems. These foundation cracks can lead to more problems like basement leaks and other issues due to moisture and water penetration. If these foundation cracks are not repaired immediately, aesthetic and repair problems are not the only problems; health hazards may also begin dominating homes.

Foundation Crack Repair Ottawa specialists can cure these foundation cracks in no time. Homeowners can choose from three types of efficient and temporary foundation cracks solutions. These foundation cracks can be sealed and secured from the interior using a polyurethane solution injected on the areas. Epoxy may be used instead of polyurethane and are also effective solutions for securing foundation cracks. For long-term and stronger foundation crack solutions, crystalline injections on the damaged areas are applied. A method known as “crack dig” is a permanent option for dealing with foundation cracks. This method meticulously solves the problem from the crack to the footing, inspection of weeping tile systems and pressure washing. The cracks are sealed and secured with hydraulic cement and coated with a waterproofing compound to prevent water intrusion and further damage.

Foundation Crack Repair Ottawa specialists can help homeowners maintain their homes in good conditions. Whether these foundation cracks have started crawling on the wall exteriors or dampness and musty odors have dominated an area in the house, these specialists can perform “surgeries” to prevent further issues and help homeowners save more money on repairs and damages. Do not wait for these foundation cracks to destroy the home’s foundation and aesthetics – deal with these problems as soon as they appear.

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