Pneumonia diagnosis and treatment

How do we know a patient has pneumonia? Learn what the lungs in chest x-rays look like, what a bronchoscopy is, and what certain blood tests mean!
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4:22 Chest x-rays and CT scans
5:11 Bronchoscopy
6:24 Bronchoalveolar lavage
7:16 Sample collection
8:10 Treatment of pneumonia

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12 thoughts on “Pneumonia diagnosis and treatment”

  1. BBcakesEsther says:

    will u die from it

  2. emily ammerman says:

    I have a little bit of this stuff in my lugs! pray for me! plz!

  3. Elesha Madden says:

    this totally sounds like johanna from tootRN!! hehe you are a GREAT teacher love your videos! :)

  4. Said Gutierrez says:

    In the description says "Learn what the lungs in chest x-rays look like" but you don't show that. Anyway I like your explanation, really basic and simple, and love your voice haha.

  5. Lyaisan Shamratova says:

    Pneumonia diagnosis and treatment:

  6. imakemusique says:

    Great video (as always)! I have a question though: you say there is no treatment for penumonia if it is caused by a virus, but what about anti-viral drugs? They don`t work against the viruses that usually causes pneumonia? Thank you!

  7. Animals Are Our Angels says:


    My Mother died of this only 3 weeks ago. I buried her just before Christmas in 2014. She was in a home. Her death was horrible. Initially they intubated her on propofol in the Hospital and gave her IV vancomycin & ceftazadine for 2 weeks under mechanical ventilation and for another week adding a third IV Antibiotic. They suctioned her after extubation. All was well but it came back again with a vengeance. What made it so bad is that now she was in the last stages of Alzheimer's
    Her brain had forgot how to swallow. She was continually aspirating. She was on thickened fluids for nutrition.
    Her O2 went from 94 % to 52 % in one hour. She had advanced Alzheimer's & had several strokes and was completely paralyzed, as she could not walk or talk for years. However, we could still communicate so beautifully
    And when I touched her tiny warm arm and hands, I knew there would be a day when I longed to hold her warm hands again! She was my Mom, my Angel and I miss her so much. I would have given her my life if I could have. She died in my arms but even on oxygen when I took her oxygen mask off just for a few seconds to put some ice cubes on her lips for hydration, her oxygen saturation went down to 52 % in less than a minute. In healthy patients it should always be at 100% saturation.Her veins turned a black colour because the brain only knows that it must go into Survival Mode. The "brain needed the oxygen to keep the heart beating & her lungs breathing Therefore, there was no oxygen going to her vital organs now. She had what is termed a "death growl" it was horrible. I begged the nurses to give her something to dry up the mucus in her throat but they said she did not need it yet. Her eyes were closed for a few days, but when she took her last four breaths, on her last second breath she opened her beautiful big blue eyes and looked at me. I screamed Mom, mom, please, please don't leave me. But there she was, already becoming stiff in her arms and mouth in a matter of mins. I cried for hours over her dead body, now only a shell. There is not a day when I don't cry and mourn her death.
    I wanted her intubated again but she was so skinny & frail & the doctors said she would not survive this time and that she would suffer even more admitting her into the hospital again. I kissed her forehead and told her how much I loved her and that I would never leave her. I stroked her hair and told her gently that it was ok if she did not want to fight this fight anymore. I thanked her for giving me life and for being the best Mother in the whole wide world. We were inseparable. The tears ran down my face and onto her bedding. God I miss her so so much.
    I was thinking that she saw my first breath and I saw her last breath. I hope she is running in flowery Fields and I hope that she is speaking to every one she sees. No one should live or die this way. ALZHEIMER'S and MRSA are horrible, silent killers.
    I love you and miss you my darling beautiful Mother. I will love you always and forever, Love, your loving daughter, Sue xoxoxoxoxo


  8. K.J. Bird says:

    I have pneumonia right now. This was a great help in understanding my condition.

  9. marcia turley says:

    Thank you!

  10. Anwar Azam says:

    Interesting, very helpful, simple and easy to understand. This is amazing work! 

  11. rami alzyoud says:

    THx, helpfull , but I wish if there is better treatment!

  12. Mary M says:

    This a awesome. To get thur. All medical issued a person might have thank you. For these info.

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