Pink Electronics – There Is A Pink Everything (Almost) – Part I

So you got that nice, shiny pink laptop and it really is quite spectacular. But what about the rest of your electronics? Don’t they look a bit dull in comparison? No worries, you can soon be surrounded by colorful gadgets! Having said that, I have to add that I have not yet found a pink printer or scanner. There was a Barbie printer on the market a few years back, but it seems to have disappeared.

In the meantime, here are some accessories that will get you started on your quest to make your home office a rose-colored dream:

I don’t know about you, but I still have a hard time operating the touchpad on laptops, I need a mouse to be able to work efficiently. Fortunately, there is no shortage of colorful mice available. If you don’t mind a cord, check out the Saitek Notebook Optical Mouse in hot pink, the EeePC Optical Mouse in Blush, the Sony Vaio USB Mobile in Cosmopolitan Pink or, for the younger crowd, the Hello Kitty KT4090 with fuchsia, flower-decorated buttons,

For those who prefer a cordless mouse, good choices include the Logitech V450 Nano Cordless Laser Mouse in Flamingo Pink, the pink Razer Pro Click Mobile Wireless Mouse, the Kensington SI750M LE Wireless 3 Button Notebook Mouse in metallic pink and silver, the HP Wireless Laser Mini Mouse in metallic blush, Microsoft’s Wireless Notebook Optical Mouse 3000 in Dragon Fruit Pink, and the Hello Kitty Pink Bling Wireless Mouse with RF Receiver.

Speakers come in all shapes and colors these days. Here are some choices in classic and not so classic shapes: Creative Labs’ Inspire T10 speakers in Flamingo Pink and their SBS Vivid 60 Speakers in Blush, the pink, dog-shaped Tech Art sDog Computer/ iPod/ Mp3 Speakers, the Twin Box Stereo Speakers in pink and silver, the totally adorable, flower-shaped JBL/Harman Kardon 2.1 Spyro Speaker System, the space-age looking BOYNQ Vase Acoustic Lens Speaker in pale pink (it does look like a vase), and of course, the Hello Kitty speakers in the shape of Kitty’s head (ears and all). If you are looking for wireless speakers, you have to check out Audio Unlimited’s pink Ka-Bling speakers which can be used indoors or out. And you can feel really good about buying them too – Audio Unlimited is a sponsor of the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

To listen to music a bit more privately, try one of these cute headphones: JBuds hot pink Hi-Fi Noise Reducing Ear Buds, Philips SHE3620/27 Bubbles Headphones in bright pink, Sony MDR-EX51LP Fontopia ear buds in pale, barely-there pink, and, here’s Kitty again: the Hello Kitty Bluetooth wireless earphones. They’re white, but they do have Kitty in her pink dress and bow on them, so I think they qualify for this category.

Cattie provides information about pink laptops and the pink gadgets that go along with them.

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