Personality and Lip Shapes

Did you know your lips can speak a lot about your personality? Welcome to world of face reading and explore amazing facts about yourself.

Face readings has been recognized as the latest science of understanding a person’s personality from a different perspective. You can now read through the various lip shapes and the personality traits they reveal and find out for yourself if they are valid for your character. You can conduct the analysis by carefully observing the thickness and size of your lips and find out the main qualities of your personality.

Another benefit that comes with lip shape analysis is you can find out the right kind of make-up to be applied and look gorgeous every day.

Some of the very commonly found lip shapes are:

Full lips: Women with full spread lips like Angelina Jolie, Katrina Kaif have voluptuous and curvy lips. These types of lips are the most admired. They also have a very strong sex appeal. According to experts, people with this lip shape are considered self-assured, confident and very courageous in most of cases. Such people are fun to be with.

Make up tip: To make full lips look attractive, it is recommended you keep them moisturized and soft all the time. You may use lip balms and nude color lipsticks. Or just glosses that are of light shade. Lip liners are not necessary.

Wide Lips: Wide lips as the name suggests are stretched and widespread. Women with wide lips like Anne Hathway, Julia Roberts and Sonam Kapoor are known to be very talented and successful. It is also said that they have their fate in their hands.

Make up tip: To make your wide lips look extra gorgeous, use a lip pencil and draw a line on the inner part of the lip and stop at the corners. For day wear, you may use lip balm to fill in. For night outs you can use rich matte satin.

Round Lips: Round lips also called button shaped lips like ones Rachel Bilson and Priyanka Chopra have. People with round lips enjoy flirting and love exploring new things. People with round lips are very prominent and easily attract attention.

Make up tip: You may choose to apply colored lip glosses which will not only enrich the thickness but also make you look sexy. You can use lip liner pencil on the outer ends of your lips to reveal that perfect round shape of your lips.

Thin Lips: Women like Kate Hudson and Preity Zinta are blessed with thin lips. Women with thin lips are very keen on knowing details. Most women with this type of lip shape are sweet and are shy by nature.

Make up tip: If you have identified you lip shape, and you have thin lips, you should always ensure you apply nudes that are glossy so that you draw more attention to your beauty and facial features. The real essence of makeup for you should be to add volume to lips.

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