Perfect Winged Eyeliner | Hooded, Sagged, or ALL

Here are some tips to achieve the perfect winged eyeliner especially for hooded or sagged lids. This is the technique I use to perfect my wing and it works like a dream. Hope this helps some of you struggling with the same thing. Love you! Don’t forget to thumbs up if you like this video :)

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Hair tutorial for this look:

20 thoughts on “Perfect Winged Eyeliner | Hooded, Sagged, or ALL”

  1. An Sch says:

    and I always wondered why this whole eyeliner thing doesn't work for me 😝 I watched at least 20 videos about it before but it never helped me at all ^^

  2. Callista Markham says:

    yaaas!! I JUST figured out that I can't do such an angled look b/c of my eye skin

  3. Lidija R. says:

    Great tutorial!

  4. Dana (다나) says:

    This is so helpful!!

  5. ThatGirlCaleigh says:

    I could NOT figure out why my wing looked like that little skinny weird wing!!! You totally helped me omg!!

  6. priss1225 McAdams says:

    thank you, thank you😚😚😚

  7. MartyEliVenti says:

    I so thought I was going crazy cause now I can't do my eyeliner like before I've had to adapt because of my eyelids. you totally confirmed my technique I'm so happy I'm not the only one. thank you for the video!

  8. Serena Rodriguez says:

    You're amazing thank you for this video !!!!

  9. Anniina :D says:

    I'm also doing my wings pretty thick and like that cause my eyes looks otherwise so awkward… and it annoys me so much when my friends se that my wings are over the top
    and I put make up too much 😱 in my opinion everybody should can do as they wants… and in my case I am just so uncomfortable without make up and feel myself so ugly… btw I make my wings pretty much same thick as yours and I am not native english speaker and suck at english so sorry for that…😅

  10. AH M says:

    the best eyeliner tutorial!!! this always used to happen to me (the wrong thing) and its cool that you compared both of them. gonna try the other technique tonight :) thanks

  11. Malibu Staciee says:

    The best tutorial I've seen for my eyes!!! You were very helpful, I was wondering why it never looked good when I opened my eye 😑 ugh! Thank you for this

  12. Charity Sheppard says:

    Very helpful!!!

  13. Shanon Madrid says:

    Ugh I'm a part of the hooded eye club. So hard doing eyeliner right! You make it look so effortless! Love it!

  14. M Tamimz says:

    I bought that nyx eyeliner after this video. Makeup GAME CHANGER. It is soo good! Thank you for the recommendation!

  15. Christina Williams says:

    You have a very steady hand! Have you done any painting?

  16. electricsholc says:

    me, with monolids: sobbing

  17. Kreepy Kii says:

    The first wing looks heaps better than the "corrected" one. The thick wing makes your eyes look tiny and it's also just really bold and masculine

  18. ghouliciousann1 says:

    so hepful! thank you!

  19. Carol Salazar says:

    thank you for this video! that's always been my issue but I didn't really figured out why my liner looked so crappy

  20. Amanda says:

    This is such an amazing tutorial, best I've seen for my type of eyes. LOVE IT !!

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