Olaplex Treatment | Damaged Hair to Healthy Hair |

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If you’re hair is Damaged… Go see your Stylist who can do an Olaplex Treatment! it will make your hair feel like a baby’s Butt!! This treatment will REVIVE you’re hair in a matter of One salon visit!!
Women Shaving http://youtu.be/ogX0njEp9oU
How I Get a Blonde So Blonde http://youtu.be/JNGFi8vYeMY
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20 thoughts on “Olaplex Treatment | Damaged Hair to Healthy Hair |”

  1. Truth 2027 says:

    Thanks for the tutorial and recommendations – you obviously love working with hair – and you love people – and it shows :)

  2. Melody Summerhayes says:

    Where can I buy Olaplex?

  3. Melody Summerhayes says:

    How much does this cost?

  4. munaalmadani says:

    Is it safe during pregnancy?

  5. amanifuentes says:

    ive dyed my hair bare times, especially bleaching my hair but recently i put on purple dye on my silver hair (my profile pic is from ages ago when i dyed my hair brown) and i have school in 3 weeks and i put baking powder in my shampoo to take out some of the purple but it ended up completely fucking up my hair, my hairs falling out and my hair feels like straw and i got olaplex no 3 but my hairs kinda long and really thick and curly, what do?

  6. AWizardMummyandMartian ImUnique says:

    What does each step do. Like which one blesches which one tones and which one moisturizes.

  7. hanneah vann says:

    so im blond. now and have lots of breackage will this help stop my breakage or will i have to cut my hair

  8. Abood A says:

    This is easy can I order them and do them alone or have to do them in a salon?

  9. Aari ana says:

    that haircolor just doesn't suit her pale skin and dark eyebrows

  10. Albeli Duch-Camacho says:

    How often should it be applied for damaged hair?

  11. JBxBEAUTY says:

    Does this help curly hair? Will it loosen my curls

  12. tammy duke says:

    I want to be a pretty buttery baby blonde. Should I be sure she uses olaplex or what do I do I've got so many different colors none of my hair is even. I live in Alabama and I hate my hair and it's so upsetting I left alone not by choice but bec I've been in bad health. Now I'm dealing with damage. You are great thank you. Sincerely Tammy

  13. tammy duke says:

    So I went back 2 weeks later and got more. Ok still not blonde as I wanted so I went back in 6 weeks and so so much hair broke off. On top of it I'm brassy and I'm so upset my hair was in great shape now I'm damaged. She is wanting to bayalage me this week??!! Can you give me some tips I am upset and don't know what to say or do. Leave it alone or let her try to fix?

  14. tammy duke says:

    I need help. I am a dark brunette with little bit of gray. I've wanted to be a blonde and my stylist won't do roots:( so I get heavy highlights I have went for over a year without doing a thing to my hair except trims and finally was in good condition. She highlighted me and I still wasn't happy still too dark.

  15. Kimberlee Phillips says:

    Rosemary Oil helps roots a ton!!

  16. Tia Rindfleisch says:

    you can buy the whole kit on Amazon. same products your using on this girl.

  17. Esther Aveves says:

    Hi are you in Los Angeles by any chance.

  18. Paula Voytek says:

    stinks us normal people cant order this lol

  19. Jasmaine Bogan says:

    does anyone know did she put the olaplex no 1 into the lightener or color as well before the treatment.

  20. Amina Nina says:

    waaaaaaaaw nice job

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