Neck And Back Pain Reasons And Treatment | Star Homeopathy | Good Health | V6 News

Today’s Program is about Reasons for Neck Pain. Dr Srinivas from Star Homeopathy, will give the solution to the callers question.

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What is a Treatment Plan & how do we make one?

Today I talk about treatment plans and what therapists really do behind the scenes. I think it’s really important to know how therapy really works and why therapists ask you the questions they do.

Most therapist will ask you at the beginning “what brought you here today” and try to work out what your main goal for therapy is. This helps us better create a plan. From there we begin the assessment process. This could be diagnosis, figuring out what you have worked on before, your school and family history, etc. While doing this, we will also be giving you homework and trying out new tools to see what works for you and what doesn’t.

The main goal for any therapist is that you don’t need to see us anymore. That being said, know that coming back to therapy is normal and most therapists have an open door policy :) So let your process be just that and go back if you need to. It honestly means that you have gained insight and recognize when you need a little extra support.

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20 thoughts on “Neck And Back Pain Reasons And Treatment | Star Homeopathy | Good Health | V6 News”

  1. Katie Lemieux says:

    Kati, super impressed by your videos. You are super lively and animated, love it! Great layman's term info for people. Sent you a message on LinkedIn. I am on the East Coast, LMFT as well and co-own a company helping mental health professionals fulfill their dreams through world-class personal and professional development. We reach out and connect with rockstar MHPs like yourself doing awesome things. We love to chat!

  2. Asia Noel says:

    I love the roadmap analogy at the end

  3. Danielray Pickrel says:

    Thanks for the thought, going to need a large 3 ring binder.

  4. Angel Flower says:

    Exposure Therapy and CBT works well for
     agoraphobia and anxiety.

  5. BeautyintheMomentxx says:

    I'm confused.. I didn't think therapists could make diagnosis..? This is just what I've been told..

  6. Eneyda Del Pilar says:

    Hello Kati,
    My concern is not too much about the treatment plan but the theoretical approach and the appropriate intervention for the case in question. That is kind of confusing. Thanks  

  7. ByTheSea says:

    Hey Kati I have a question. My therapist wants me to do group but I have no clue what to expect or what happens in group. Can u tell me?

  8. soulofaphoenix says:

    To clarify a statement you mention: ethically, every provider must talk with the client about their treatment plan.  The client is to be involved in the treatment plan and have control/input into the treatment plan.  I mention this not because of you as I know you do this, but many providers do not.  Just for example, in the ACA 2014 Code of Ethics, there are several locations to look up about informed consent for treatement:   D.2.b. Informed Consent in Formal Consultation, A.2.  Informed Consent in the Counseling Relationship and if they want to change the role/plan, A.6.d. Role Changes in the Professional Relationship, and more. 

    Thanks for great videos Kati and for being a therapist who is safe and competent for her clients!  Therapy can be a very helpful experience with providers like yourself. I want to see more providers like yourself and am working with others to improve those odds.

  9. Tamara Moore says:

    I just love you to PIECES Kati! LOL <3

  10. Talako (Gray Eagle In The Sky) says:

    Kati you are amazing. I have always wondered about this. Thank YOU!!!!!!! :) rises and claps hands three times in a row

  11. Danielle Pate says:

    I have to do pie charts.  Like when I start catastrophizing certain little situations I need to do a pie chart of all the possible explainations. 

  12. Daisy Garcia says:

    Check out this video 

  13. Sooze L says:

    #katifaq Hi Kati, I've struggled with depression and anxiety but after CBT i've been doing alot better. However I'm really struggling at the moment with 'Boom and Bust' (all or nothing) For the first few weeks of Uni I was doing great, doing all of the reading and feeling really productive at work and at volunteering. Now I feel like i've crashed and the last few weeks I've felt too tired and not motivated to do anything and i feel my depression creeping back in. Any suggestions on how to break this cycle?

  14. Chris Sanchez says:

    How do you get rid of irrational fear? Like I took an HIV test and it was negative but I think the doctors infected me with hiv. I have pin and needle pain in my hands prickling feeling my doctor says it anxiety 

  15. dadivag7 says:

    Hello.  Have you ever considered offering a similar venue for MFTI's preparing for the SWE and/or CV?

  16. Liz Mitchell says:

    #katifaq I was released from the hospital about a month ago after a suicide attempt. Since I was asked quite a bit about previous history of hospitalization and medication, it really made me think about my experience when I was 11 and how abnormal it might have been. I'm just trying to process the whole thing since I haven't really thought about it. Two main things I have questions about; first, when I was put in the hospital it was decided that I was too young for the adolescent ward and put with the adults. Second, every session I had with my doctor was done with my mom in the room so I was never able to really tell him anything due to a controlling and abusive family dynamic. Looking back I can't help but wonder how normal or ethical this was. Either way it seems just wrong. Am I reading too much into this? Sorry this got so long. Thanks for all that you do!

  17. Hailey Aliamus says:

    Hey Kati! I had I question. I just changed therapist temporarily & the new therapist asked how long I had been in therapy. I told her maybe 11 months and she said that usually therapy doesn't last longer than 9 months, or at least they won't see you as frequently. It kind of made me upset and like I failed. Is this true??

  18. Jessica Villalpando says:

    Hi Kati #katifaq .. I have a question, hope you can help me out. I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety about 7 months ago. I accepted medication and meeting with a therapist. With time, I started to feel better and cope, to the point where I didn't need to see my therapist anymore. You could say my progress was fast.. I am still taking my meds but within the last 2 months, I've hit extreme lows to the point where it disables me for days and I lose my appetite. Then there are days when I feel very energetic and able. Is it possible that my depression is worsening? Not sure what's going on. Thank you for your videos and support! :) 

  19. Sierose 123 says:

    Hi kati, love your videos!
    Okay so why is it that i dont like to eat around people? Literally all day through school i wont eat unless its something quick say like crackers or something. I wont eat lunch or any of that. I will do the same at restaurants… And lately i just feel fat. I feel like i gained so much weight after i stopped doing sports, but could my mind be telling me to "not eat"?
    Please help!
    (I also have depression) 

  20. mbbonafide says:

    #katiFAQ Hey Kati! My therapist never explained to me that my eating disorder and self harm are coping skills, i learned that with you :) is it normal not to say that to a client? and why did she never explained? please answer my question. Thank you very much!

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