My EFT Client is Stuck – What Now?

EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Techniques and it’s the new acupuncutre without needles procedure used to treat emotional and physcial ailments.

The basic procedures are free and easy to learn. Many Practitioners are self-taught.

But sometimes it can seem like even your best EFT efforts just plain aren’t working.

Many times we put this down to wayward emotional aspects we haven’t addressed yet, but building these into your tapping routine will likely accelerate results further:

Correlate Your Tapping To The Organs Associated
For physical issues, try restricting your tapping to only those meridians whose end-points correlate to the rough physical area in question, i.e.

Karate Chop – Small Intestine
Eyebrow > Bladder
Side of eye > Gallbladder
Under the eye > Stomach
Under the nose > Governing Vessel
Chin > Central Vessel
Collarbone > Kidney
Under the arm > Spleen

You can make this even more flexible if you know the precise physical channels the meridians run down. Try here:

Correlate Your Tapping To The Emotions Associated
Try restricting your tapping to only those points that are correlated with the specific types of emotions your client is experiencing, i.e.

eyebrow > trauma, restlessness
side of eye > rage
under the eye > anxiety, trauma
under the nose > embarrassment
chin > guilt, shame
collarbone > anxiety, fear
under the arm > anxiety, fear

You can expand on this too. Notice during your sessions, after tapping what point does the client experience most release? Correlate that to the associated emotion and explore with your client if this is an emotion they’re familiar with, or even knowingly repressing.

Silent Tapping

One of my personal favourites.

Have your client come up with some kind of picture on the screen of their mind, representing the problem, or their resistance to the problem, whatever’s relevant. Usually the more obscure and bizarre the better. Their first, gut answer is always the best.

Then have them silently tap round the points while focussing intensely on this picture. After a few rounds have them notice what elements of the picture have changed. Typically the underlying stuck emotions will have shifted.

I love these silent, no verbals alternatives as it really convinces the client that it ‘s the energy work that’s shifting things, and not any clever setups or language.

Metaphor Tapping
Pick the client’s favourite hobby/colour/music/clothes/animal/(insert client’s favourite stuff in life) and have them define the problem in that frame. i.e. “if this problem were a colour/shape/car/etc, what would it be?”

Have them picture it in detail, adjust it according to the problem situation, and tap on the results. Check in again with the original issue and you’ll likely find it’s taken the edge off.

Use this also with pictures attached to any secondary gains around the issue, if that’s where the stumbling block is.

Conversation Tapping
Overpowering anxiety? Can’t get past anger at someone? Have your client begin an internal conversation with the person in question, telling them what they think of the situation, what they need, why they need it, what they didn’t get a chance to say before, etc etc. All the time you are tapping on them (gently). Works a treat.

For Fear Specifically: Use The Gamut
For extreme fear about a situation, the brain balancing approach seems to work incredibly well. Use the gamut procedure.

For less intense fear, try focussing your tapping on the ring finger or gamut spot for similar results.

Change Your Language
Sometimes the client is just not “in it” enough to make any shifts. Some folks love to talk ABOUT an issue, but will back off when you begin getting into it.

First tap around their feelings of un-safety around getting into it.

Then, if using (e.g.) the movie technique, be sure to use present tense language to engage your client more, i.e. What are you seeING in this situation? AS you see this NOW…what are you feelING? Ask your client simply to talk to you as if this event is happening again now.

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