Moisturisers, Mice, Skin Cancer And Sodium Lauryl Sulphate. Or Why You Need A Natural Moisturiser.

You probably use a moisturizer on your skin every day. There’s nothing wrong with taking care of your skin and there’s so many different skin care products, like moisturizers, available. But you may not be aware that many skin care products contain chemical ingredients such as sodium lauryl sulphate and this includes modern moisturizers. This may risk your health you may be better advised to use a natural moisturizer.

It is relatively well-known that a chemical called sodium lauryl sulphate is used in many soaps and shampoos. It’s an excellent degreaser and is used by mechanics for degreasing engines. It is also becoming more well-known that sodium lauryl sulphate in products such as soaps and shampoos is bad for your health.

However it’s much less well known that many big name moisturizers also contain sodium lauryl sulphate (as well as many other nasty chemical ingredients) and that this may lead to cancer.

The Journal of Investigative Dermatology reported a study done on mice. The researchers were intending to study the effects of caffeine on the mice but as a part of the study the researchers applied a number of commonly available moisturizers to the skin of the mice. And the mice were also given UV radiation to simulate the effects of sunlight as well as having moisturizer replied 5 times a day for 17 weeks.

Each of the moisturizers used contain sodium lauryl sulphate together with other chemical ingredients like mineral oil.

The scientists were surprised to find that the mice who received the moisturizer had an increased risk of skin cancer of 69 percent.

So they decided to study this again using a moisturizer with no sodium lauryl sulphate or mineral oil. And they found that this time there was no increase in the risk of skin cancer to the mice.

Maybe now you’re starting to see a link between sodium lauryl sulphate and moisturizers and skin cancer and perhaps you’re beginning to consider that you may be better advised to think about purchasing a natural moisturizer next time you’re looking for good anti aging skin care products.

Or perhaps your even wondering about whether you should throw out the moisturizer that you may have used today.

It’s sad to say but there are many chemical and petrochemical ingredients such as sodium lauryl sulphate mineral oil used in so many of the big brand-name anti aging skin care products that you may take for granted and use every day. There are excellent and very safe natural ingredients which are well known to make excellent natural moisturizers. For example there are many oils from fruits and nuts which work well as natural moisturizers. But the big brand-name companies rarely use these because chemicals like sodium lauryl sulphate are much cheaper.

There are excellent natural moisturizers available for you to buy. They use natural ingredients which are known to be safe and highly effective at promoting optimum skin health and which will not put your risk of skin cancer. One company in particular, which you’ve probably never heard of, makes an outstanding range of natural skin care products which work as excellent natural facial moisturizers, none of which contain sodium lauryl sulphate or any other known dangerous ingredients.

It’s time to junk those big name anti aging skin care products which use cheap chemical ingredients that put your health at risk. And it’s time to look for natural alternatives such as high quality natural moisturizers which work well and do not put you at risk of skin cancer.

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