Mascara Tips To Read Before You Put On Your Makeup

If you want to create a beautiful eye look you’ll need to learn about mascara. Mascara acts as the icing on the cake. If you’re a mascara-phobe you’ll want to learn some mascara tips.

1. If you want your mascara to last, you should never pump the wand! While it might seem like a logical way to coat the wand with more mascara, it’ll just clog things up and dry out your mascara.

2. Not all mascaras are created equal, so take the time to choose the product that’s right for you. At the same time, be aware that a lot of them are pretty much the same. Don’t automatically trust a label that says you’ll get the best results with this mascara. Also, keep in mind that some mascaras (and mascara wands) are indeed different.

There are some mascaras that use formulas that will give you thick eyelashes, while others promise to give you extra long eyelashes. Choose based on the look you’re trying to achieve.

3. Mascaras come in different colors, and one of the best mascara tips to follow is to buy a variety. During the day you can have a more light and subtle look. At night, you can wear mascara that’s bold and dramatic.

But you can buy mascara in almost any color under the rainbow– violet, for example. What you buy depends on the look you want either now or in the future. If you keep lots of different mascara, you’ll be ready for any event.

4. When you’re applying the mascara, always start from the root of your lashes. That might seem like the simplest of mascara tips but there are many people who have never applied it before.

As you slide the brush down your eyelashes, wiggle the brush a bit. Then you’ll maneuver the wand in the right position to work your way up the lashes. Apply a quick second coat for the most beautiful look!

5. Never wait to apply a second or third coat. If the mascara dries before you’ve had a chance then you need to wash it off or just leave it alone. Applying multiple layers can be beautiful when you go about it the right way. When you do not it will lead to unsightly clumps.

Learning all about mascara tips is a great way to build up your makeup knowledge. Mascara can create a look that is very beautiful. Consider using these tips today to create a great eye makeup look as soon as possible.

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