Makeup Techniques and Tips for Dark Skin

When it comes to talking about applying makeup, dark skinned women tend to find it quite challenging. Well, you should know there are millions of makeup techniques that go a long way in making you look beautiful than ever before. Often, dark skinned women find it difficult to use makeup. Well, having the hang of the makeup techniques and tips will only make the same easy and hassle-free.

Let’s get started with the makeup techniques for dark-skinned women:

Right Foundation

It is vital that you consider investing on a right foundation, especially when you have dark skin. According to the makeup artists, it is believed to use a shade lighter than your skin tone. Consider the same when applying foundation. If you are dark skinned, it is wise to use a foundation that looks natural. You can even go to the extent of mixing some different foundations to get that perfect tone. It is vital that you apply the foundation evenly. You can use the brush or a cosmetic sponge, while some women find it applying with finger easily. As the name suggests, ensure you apply light foundation and not like a ton on the face.


Blush is one makeup aspect that goes naturally with dark skinned women. It is an amazing beauty tip and tricks and should not be neglected. It might seem a little exaggerated, but blush reads as elegant and stylish. Some of the best blush shades that go well with dark skin are red and orange. Brick or deeper brown reds are also great shades. If you have high cheek bones, you are advised to apply blush right on top of them, while for fluffy cheeks it is vital to apply blush in between the cheek and the jawline.

For Lips

When talking about expert makeup tips for dark-skinned women, it is wise to avoid light lip shades. They do not go well with dark-skinned women. However, you can choose colors like wine, brown, dark purple and not to forget red. When intensifying the look, you can just apply transparent lip gloss. It just adds the sensuality to the lips.

Do Not Forget the Powder

Dark skinned women tend to have a problem with oily skin. Well, you can work around this issue with home beauty tips for applying powder. This further helps in giving your skin a fresh and instant look. However, ensure you do not choose a powder that has some yellowish or other fragments.

Accentuate The Eyes

Well, you can flaunt your beautiful eyes with some interesting eye shadows. You have an opportunity to experiment with some deep colors. A dark-skinned woman can easily carry off the bronze makeup look. You can accentuate the same with shimmering eye shadow and other colors like gold, pink or even pumpkin. These makeup techniques for dark-skinned is just perfect and helps in highlighting your eyes to the fullest.

These are some effective makeup tips and tricks that go a long way for dark-skinned women. Seek expert home service beauty parlour to get that perfect look.

Shruti Kapoor is a skilled make-up artist functioning out of Mumbai. Along with offering techniques to find home parlour services in Mumbai.She comes up with constructive suggestions that can go a long way in beautification tactics for both daily uses as well as for specific events. Through this article, she shares some of the experienced make-up artist for dark skinned women.

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