Makeup Concealer – Key Steps to Do it Properly

Makeup concealer is one of the more challenging areas for most amateurs. The reason is simply because it is difficult to pinpoint what shade a person has. However, it should not be overlooked because having the correct shade for your skin guarantees that you can hide dark circles under your eyes as well as other blemishes and discoloration your skin has.

The bluish or greenish-yellow concealer is made for the red blotches in your skin while the yellow-toned or slightly pinkish one deals with the darkness in your eye area.

The first thing you have to do is moisturize. It helps a lot with the dryness that can be a problem when you want the concealer to perfectly blend in to your skin especially if it starts to be flaky.

Ideally, the moisturizer already has sunscreen protection. The secret is still making it as natural as possible, which basically means it should not look like you used concealer. It should simply look like ordinary skin with minimal makeup.

A makeup concealer comes in varying types. The stick types are quite handy and are perfect for covering tiny imperfections. It also does wonderfully with pimples and dark circles that need a slightly thicker application. The liquid type of concealer is ideal for application to small and big areas of the skin.

If the area you need to apply on is small, just dab the tip to the area and blend. On the other hand, if you need to apply to a bigger area, you will need to dab a lot of liquid and quickly blend it. Do the same until you get the ideal tone. Last but not the least, the powder type is used by people who have oily skin and is preferred when there is not much time to dab and blend.

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