Makeup Application Tips: Cheeks, Eyes, And Lips

Welcome to the second half of our makeup and beauty tutorial. Our first makeup and beauty article explained how to apply foundation to your face. Now we continue with what to do after the foundation, concealer, and powder has been applied to your face.

After the foundation, concealer, and powder are applied you can work on your brow and cheekbones. Even out eyebrows by applying powder to them with an eyebrow brush, or if you are careful you can use an eyebrow pencil. Blush can be applied to the apples f your cheeks by sweeping the blush towards the outer edge of your cheeks.

Next apply eyeliner. Eyeliner usually is best in dark brown or black. Pencil liner usually gives eyes a more natural look while liquid liners are more dramatic.

It takes time to perfect makeup and beauty. Eyeliner is a good example of this statement. There are many ways to experiment and get a feel for how you like your eyeliner to be done. Practice and see what you like best.

Generally you apply eyeliner by penciling the top lid at the eyelash liner, and moving towards the outside corner of the eyelid. Make light strokes at first. If you feel you need to have a thicker line you can always go a little thicker. Some people like to line the bottom lid as well, though usually it is a small amount and just on the outer corner.

One thing that is necessary to make the eyes look good is blending. Blend the eyeliner a little so it looks more natural. If you want to go for a dramatic look you can leave your eyeliner the way it is, otherwise blend by using a darker eyeshadow over the top of your eyeliner.

After the eyeliner you can apply the eyeshadow. A light shade is put on first across the whole upper lid, and then a darker eyeshadow shade is used until the lid crease. Be sure to blend the eyeshadow here too. Finish the eyes by putting on a layer or two of mascara on the eyelashes.

Lips are the final makeup and beauty application area. People don’t usually line their lips anymore, just put on the lipstick. Apply lipstick to upper and lower lips, smack together, dab excess lipstick on a Kleenex, and you are done! You are ready to leave and have fun! was founded on 3 basic ideas: Quality, Selection, and Customer Satisfaction. These 3 basic ideas and imperative factors are the result of 3 generations of involvement in and contribution to the Beauty industry. The Beauty Center 11451 South 700 East, Suite d Draper, utah 84020

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