LUSH Moisturizers: Imperialis

Inder from our Brand Communications team talks about Imperialis. Made with lavender, orange blossom water and tiger lilies, it’s expertly blended to keep combination skin looking bright and balanced.

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17 thoughts on “LUSH Moisturizers: Imperialis”

  1. em sy says:

    Does anyone know of a dupe for this? I love what it does for my skin but I can't justify the price for how little product you get…. (I have combo skin)

  2. Aaron says:

    In the instructions for me it says dont rub, it says apply in upward motions and he's just casually rubbing all over, should I be applying like that?

  3. L Ma says:

    Hi! I am interested in getting some products for my skin (which in normal with some dry patches, and I have a lot of texture that I would like to clear up) so I was wondering what skincare products would be best for me? (I do wear makeup so I would love a moisturizer that would soak into my skin) :)

  4. cooldude69ify says:

    How do wash this off? Like i wash my face at the end of the day and i just see the moisturiser sitting on my face. Like it doesnt wash off completely.

  5. Jasmine Yi says:

    Can this be used for a body lotion too?

  6. Tony Sanchez says:

    is this product good for normal skin. i actually dont know what skin type i am i dont feel oily or dry. im not a dermatologist so idk. but wat im mainly asking can this one be used by all skin types

  7. Courtney P says:

    I got a sample of this and am dying to get the full ounce!! It smells so gentle yet so rich. Does this come in the form of cleanser or lotion? The fragrance is swooning and it would make for a perfect skin care line! I am in need of a balanced and refreshing skincare for sensitive skin.

  8. Jessica Borek says:

    It's for oily skin and I don't have oily skin but this cream makes my skin feel great. Not sure If I should use the cream now as I don't have oily skin.

  9. AquilaLiberum says:

    Received a sample of this today and have to admit, it smells absolutely rank, not sure I could get used to putting it on my face daily :(

  10. Kiera Johnson says:

    Can this moisterizer be used twice a day?

  11. CocoaChupacabra says:

    I have really crappy skin, dry and oily patches, painful spots, the whole icky package. I've been using this for just over a week, along side the Tea Tree Water and my skin has cleared up compleatly. Your products are like magic! 

  12. KarrenStarr says:

    Hnngg. He's so cute. <3 

  13. Eva Raguine says:

    This works like a dream for my combination skin. Love this moisturizer!

  14. Mason Wilcox says:

    Ahh it's Inder from the Lush chat!

  15. Anne B says:

    I literally just put this on my face like 5 minutes ago lol love this stuff

  16. nippchi says:

    I just bought this moisturizer and I love it!! It's not too thick like others I've tried I at hydrating with being heavy. 

  17. Kendall Yim says:

    i use celestial

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