LUSH Moisturizers: Full of Grace Serum

Leigh from our training team blesses us with all of her Full of Grace know-how. Fresh mushrooms, rose petals and murumuru butter are whipped together into a solid moisturizing bar that melts into dry skin to keep it hydrated and replenished.

Learn more about Full of Grace:,en_US,pd.html

18 thoughts on “LUSH Moisturizers: Full of Grace Serum”

  1. Heather Wheeler says:

    is this a serum and moisturizer together?

  2. Lily O'Halloran says:

    I wish that I could like this product but before I could even use it the whole thing was melted. Such a waste of my money. Wish i got something else.

  3. Rima Torres says:

    Is it better to use it in the day or at night?

  4. Joëlle Claire says:

    full of grace is the best moisturizer that i ever had :) but i use it right on the skin.

  5. hurryupnow1 says:

    what are the benefits for this other then just moisturing skin?

  6. Amira Q says:

    I am wondering if i could use this product or not. Because i have an oily skin and acne problem sometimes. Is it suitble for my skin?

  7. Melissa A says:

    My face is kind of oily in the day but after every shower, my face becomes a bit dry. Would using this serum bar every night help with the dryness? What other moisturizers are suited for dry skin in the night? Thank you:) 

  8. Ashly Casey says:

    this stuff is my holy grail. I love it. Is there a tin to keep it in?

  9. Victoria Monte says:

    I just got it and it's all melted

  10. Cecilia Elizabeth says:

    I'd really like to try this product out. I have combination skin so I think my skin would be receptive to this serum. :)

  11. Couture Creator says:

    Very helpful! 

  12. Grace O says:

    This product got rid of my cystic acne!! I swear by it!! I was scared it was going to clog my pores… But something about it reduces spot swelling, redness, hyper pigmentation and it's perfect for facial massages. Love it!

  13. Tara says:

    I had no idea these videos were so bad that it's funny.

  14. Mercedes Pablo says:

    I am so dumb i don't know why but i wet it. D: 

  15. stevie swan says:

    I have come to the end of my very first bar and I am in love! I was just wondering if you think it would work to melt it down a little to reharden and reshape. The little bitty pieces are getting a little difficult to use :( and it must last me until I find myself In a town with a lush :)

  16. Sandy Gutierrez says:

    I just bought this today and am wondering if it's ok to use on oily skin? I asked the salesperson if it contained oil and he said no but when I looked online it actually does. And also how should this be stored properly? It just came in a regular paper bag 

  17. Candy “eldiariodecandy” Escandon says:

    Ive been trying this bar for a couple of days and I am loving it! Never thought a serum could take the shape of a bar. I am testing it for InStyle's Best Beauty Buys in Mexico as part of the jury :) #BBBInStylemx 

  18. StephStyleDIY says:

    Why did she put it in her mouth at the end?

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