Looking For A Natural Skin Moisturizer?

Gradually there is a worldwide movement towards natural non chemical products, and the skin care industry is no exception. Natural skin care products like natural skin moisturizers are selling like hot cakes.

There really are natural skin moisturizers, quite a few of them actually, and if you could find them all and use them you could make quite a difference to your skin. But finding them won’t be easy, and you could well find that it’s cheaper to use a natural skin care product that includes these natural skin moisturizers.

So here’s some examples of some very natural skin moisturizers which you’ve probably never heard of.

1. Shea butter, sourced from the seed of a shea tree. Shea butter has a wide range of ingredients that are extremely good for your skin and has natural moisturizing properties. It is full of vitamins A and E which are both very good for your skin and also some essential fatty acids that are almost identical to the natural moisturizers that are actually produced by the sebaceous glands in your own skin.

Shea butter softens the skin and makes it smoother and look younger.

2. Phytessence Wakame which is a kelp, or seaweed that is eaten both fresh and dried by the Japanese and found around the coast of Japan. Japanese women have the worlds best skin right into their older age and Phytessence Wakame is why. Science now knows why having investigated it extensively, but it isn’t news to the Japanese.

Phytessence Wakame is full of a wide range of vitamins and minerals known to be good for your skin and has excellent natural moisturizing properties.

3. Sorbitol. You can find sorbitol in pears and plums and grapes and berries, as well as seaweed and algea. It is a fine moisturizer helping protect the skin from losing moisture and it also smooths the skin.

4. Capuacu oil. Capuacu oil comes from the seed of the capuacu tree and helps moisturize by regulating the effects of lipids on the surface of your skin helping protect skin moisture.

5. Cynergy tk comes from the wool of sheep and has a wide range of ingredients that are good for skin health and also helps protect the skin from moisture loss.

And an essential part of skin moisturizing is conserving skin moisture.

Theres 5 great natural skin moisturizers. And of course if you have a capuacu tree and a shea tree in the backyard, along with the berries and maybe a beach nearby with the right type of seaweed you could probably do wonders for your skin just by eating. Oh and a sheep.

But sadly that isn’t practical for most of us, and a far better way is to buy the best natural skin care products that contain all of these ingredients all in one product.

These products are extensively tested and have been shown to have a visible effect on the skin in a relatively short time. They moisturize successfully and improve overall skin health as well. It’s way cheaper than buying a sheep. Feeding a sheep is expensive.

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