Lip care – beauty routine for every season

If eyes are the windows to the soul, about the lips is said that a smile is the most intense exercise to keep them in shape – in that moment are used between 5-50 facial muscles. In our opinion, a kiss helps circulation both in winter and summer. But if you cannot maintain your lips with smiles, kisses and good words, we prepared a guide for a good care routine.

Lips are two fleshy sides bordering the mouth and covering the teeth. They are actually mucous membranes, used as sense organs, with between 3 and 5 layers. This makes them very sensitive and responsive, and studies show that we lose more water on the mouth level than any other part of the body.

However, we rarely think about their importance and without realizing it come to define us. Whether you speak truth, good or bad thing, whether you lie, they are loopholes that make from prisoner words, free sentences.

Winter Lip Care

Winter always comes unexpectedly and catches us most of the time, by surprise. Due to drastic temperature changes, which come accompanied by wind, dry lips begin to peel. Try not biting your exfoliated layers with teeth or to pull them with fingernails – you’ve done it at least once – and exfoliate them with a little honey and sugar or toothbrush.

Before you go to treatment, experts suggest you do a little cure with vitamins A and B, because their absence can lead to peeling lips. After you have ensured that they are healthy inside, can continue in the exterior.

Before you get out apply a protective lip balms, which softens your skin and protects it. If you have chapped lips try not to eat anything that irritates them: hot, peppery, salty or sour food.

Summer Lip Care

We used to admire beautiful lips but very seldom we use to see them as health indicators. Attention, if your lips are too dark you have circulation problems, and if they are pale and dehydrated, you can have a drop of calcium.

Lips, especially in summer and winter, are dehydrated because do not have sebaceous glands. At this deficiency contribute high temperatures, low humidity and our unsatisfied need to drink fluids. In warm season, we must to use a lip balm with UVA and UVB protection factor.

General tips for lip care routine

1. Protect them
Use special creams and powerful moisturizers to keep your lips soft and smooth. Before fell the cold weather outside, apply a balm or cream (opt for the one with UV protection) and cover it with a scarf. Neutrogena lip balm contains a moisture-rich formula which soothes and improves dry and cracked lips while providing long lasting protection with SPF20 for any weather condition. Apply as often as needed for immediate relief and protection. It is an immediate and lasting relief for dry and cracked lips.

2. Cancel aggressive habits. Avoid using the tongue to moisten them. Saliva promotes dryness and cracking lips. If you have this habit, avoid flavored balms to reduce the temptation.

3. Keep yourself hydrated. High fluid intake is important not only in the summer. Water, tea, soup will help you hydrate. In addition, opt for a room humidifier to get rid of dry air.

4. Avoid allergens, Irritating ingredients in cosmetics and care products (perfumes or fragrances) can cause dry sensitive skin of the lips.

5. Use your nose and not the mouth for breathing. You may be tempted during efforts to breathe through your mouth; this habit can have a negative impact on lips, favoring drying.

6. Vitamin B, iron and essential fatty acids. Make sure your body does not lack these nutrients. Deficiencies can cause drying and cracking of the lips at the corners.

7. Eat foods high in vitamin A. Vitamin A is important for skin regeneration.

Stefania write blog articles for Sanatatea Medical Center where you can find more details about Neutrogena Lip balm and other more information about skin care.

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