Lengthen your Lashes with Borghese Mascara

For maximum impact, lengthen your lashes and transform any look with Borghese Mascara. Superiore Mascara from Borghese isn’t called Superiore for nothing. With unique silk powder foundation for a light feel and extraordinary hold, Superiore is guaranteed to keep your lashes looking full and thick, all day long. Natural conditioners present in Superiore’s mineral composition pamper and take care of your delicate lashes and skin to prevent breakouts, even in allergy prone wearers. Flake-free, smudge-proof and altogether gorgeous, you’ll find solutions to all your most common cosmetic problems in Superiore Mascara by Borghese.

Black mascara is a classic look. Wear it with every ensemble in your closet and create dramatic, smoldering effects. Or, pair long, dark lashes with sharp business wear for an attractive bright-eyed appearance perfect for the office.

Since Superiore is fortified with Acqua di Vita® Living Water Complex, it represents the cutting edge in lash-nourishing cosmetic technology. Long-acting conditioners protect and hydrate your lashes from one application to the next, so you’ll never suffer from skin irritation or damaged lashes ever again. It’s a surefire moisture delivery system disguised as a top-of-the-line mascara–a double whammy sure to raise the bar for all your makeup needs. Borghese knows that makeup should pamper your skin, hair and nails to promote natural beauty; not sap your body’s resources to replace them with synthetic product. That’s a no-brainer.

Emphasize, thicken and define your lashes in one smooth move with Superiore Mascara’s one of a kind formula. Your lashes serve a dual purpose: protecting eyes from irritating pollutants and emphasizing their beauty. The right mascara will give your look character and depth, complimenting practically any style. A high quality mascara like Superiore is just as suitable for day-to-day wear as it is for more formal occasions. You’ll find yourself reaching for it every day–a trusty go-to, versatile enough to pack for both weddings and business trips. On the road touch-ups can be particularly difficult to do neatly and effectively. Borghese is so easy to apply, so fluid and unsmudgable, you can apply on a bus, train, plane or snowmobile and arrive at your destination looking like a million bucks! An absolute must when dashing from one social or business event to another. When you want to make a great impression, Borghese is there to keep you looking your best.

Contact lens wearers can rest easy in the knowledge that Superiore is designed to provide perfect comfort. Remove and apply lenses quickly and easily without smudging or flaking.

The secret behind Superiore’s super-light feel is in its Hydrolyzed Silk Powder Foundation, a fantastic innovation to which Superiore also owes it’s long-wear durability. Brush on one coat in the morning and wear it all day long, for a flawless appearance you won’t have to touch up or even think about! Sniffle-proof reliability in a high-end mascara is a long-overdue cosmetic advantage. Enjoy the freedom to focus on your responsibilities–not your raccoon eyes.

To make sure that your Superiore is operating at peak performance levels without losing potency, make sure to replace it every third to fourth month. You may find that this interval coincides with your replenishment schedule anyway, so be sure to stock up. Black mascara is a baseline mainstay of every woman’s cosmetic routine. Having a hygienic, look-defining mascara that won’t smudge or flake is absolutely essential. If you’ve been trying one streaky, low-volume mascara product after another without the results you’re looking for, Superiore may be your saving grace. It’s a high-volume beautifying weapon engineered with your health and comfort in mind. The beauty experts at Borghese spared no expense in researching an advanced formula, integrating Hydrolyzed Silk Powder Foundation for budge-proof, smudge-proof staying power with an Acqua di Vita® Living Water Complex–that’s for you. Your skin, your look, your mascara. Stock up today and start off the New Year off with a bang

For your friends and family members who complain about lackluster mascara, the type that smears and clots, there’s no better gift than a high-quality replacement. Load birthday gift baskets with tons of great cosmetics from Borghese and you’ll be fielding “thank you’s all year round.

Ben caraba is a freelance writer who writes about beauty and fashion products such as Borghese Mascara.

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