Learn Quick and Easy Blush Basics

Your blush makeup will either make or break your look. Too much blush will attract too much attention whilst not wearing any blush might make you look pale. Additionally, applying the blush in the wrong direction might give a different illusion o your cheekbone.

To begin with, here are a few quick and simple blush basics. To begin with, you have to have the proper set of makeup and tools. It’s suggested to have an angle blush brush, a flat highlighter brush, a neutral colour brush, and a gold shimmer highlight powder.

The first step is to take the angle blush brush and the neutral colour blush. Damp the brush and apply to the apple of your cheeks. Begin underneath the natural cheek line moving out towards the ear and hairline making a nice soft line. Next, take the flat highlighter brush and dip it in the highlighter powder, shake it off, go under and above the line you recently created and soften the blush line. This gives contour to the cheek bones and softens the blush color. The more you add, the more contour you are going to create.

If you have round cheeks, it’s recommended to apply this method to create a natural cheek bone. You can also take the angled brush when you’re done and add a bit of blush along the hairline, down the nose, and on the chin. This adds a little more depth to the face and blends the color on the cheeks.

Make Fake Bruises Using Makeup

The Halloween is fast approaching and this guide will provide you a quick tip for your Halloween makeup. If you’d want to make bruises and abrasions, it’s pretty easy. You are able to apply the makeup in layers. We start with a bruise wheel that has four different colors, red, purple, blue, and green, for the numerous stages of bruising.

To make a recent and fresh bruise, apply a base color with a wedge. Start with a reddish colour and stipple it on the area, not too evenly. As you apply the makeup, rotate the sponge in different ways to steer clear of detectable patterns. Set the makeup in order that it does not smear so that you can move on and apply the next layer.

The next step is to add some translucent powder to a velor puff, brush off the excess, and then set the first layer of makeup. Once you’re finished with this, you can add the second colour. Use the stipple sponge you used before to add a little more texture, to stimulate broken capillaries and tiny little scrapes. It’s recommended to stick with red and maybe mix in some purple too. It’s best to have a darker shade in the middle and steadily less towards the outside of the bruise. When you are happy with the pattern, you can again take your translucent powder and set it.

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