Knocking the Shine Off a Face at a Video Production Shoot

You must have a face powder handy whenever you’re in a video production set up to be able to maintain your subject’s fresh looking face in an interview shoot. Most often, hot spots are created when the lights you use during your interview shoot are too strong for your subject to handle. It’s obviously unprofessional to keep these hot spots noticeable in your footage.

At a very cheap price, you can purchase a compact powder at any drug store. Have this with you so you’re ready for your next shoot.

Before you start recording, look at your monitor to check if there are any hot spots on your subject’s face. If you see any, get the powder you purchased and apply it to the hot spots present. Make sure that you spread out the powder for an even application.

This will keep a professional looking footage and will definitely improve your subject’s appearance.

What happens if you don’t have any powder in your kit but you have hot spots to deal with? See if there are any women close by who will loan you their transparent powder.

If you can’t find one, get some paper towels and use that to clean your subject’s face from any sweat, dirt or oil.

If that didn’t work, position your lights someplace else so that they are not concentrated to your subject. If you bounce the light towards a wall or diffuse it, it will help eliminate the formation of hot spots.

If you want to make a successful interview shoot that looks neat and professional, you must also consider how your subject looks even if you are too occupied in checking everything that is related to your video production gear. If there’s no one to assist you with your subject’s makeup, find other ways to keep your subject pleasant looking and professional.

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