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(Visit: Every 45 seconds, someone in the US has a stroke. Dr. Alexander Khalessi, Director of Endovascular Neurosurgery & Surgical Director of Neurocritical Care, joins Dr. David Granet to discuss how to recognize a stroke, preventative measures, and innovation treatment options. Series: “Health Matters” [11/2013] [Health and Medicine] [Show ID: 25841]

20 thoughts on “Innovations in the Treatment of Stroke – Health Matters”

  1. Jessica Munoz says:

    my daughter saw it

  2. Jessica Munoz says:

    can a person have a stroke from a miagraine

  3. sohaib khan says:

    My dad had a minor stroke in Pakistan and the doctor gave him medicines and didn't admit him can you believe it ,and he got worse overnight he is disabled now he got worse 😰

  4. Jay Are Tanguma says:

    thanks for sharing your videos

  5. jean paul huaman pallinj says:

    Cancer en el estomago

  6. Sheard Sheep says:

    Having you head used as batting practice can also a cause!

  7. sean sundance says:

    Great video! Very educational

  8. Nandini Nagraj says:

    My mom is 64yrs paralysed on left side n is on bed, what can v do now, she is on treatment but no improvement

  9. Nandini Nagraj says:

    My mom is 64yrs paralysed on left side n is on bed, what can v do now, she is on treatment but no improvement

  10. Ruben Ruvalcaba says:

    Wotan 237
    they should of rotated
    your mom every 2 hours
    to prevent bed sores.
    Sorry to hear about your mom.

  11. patriziamusic says:

    does anybody know of hyperbaric oxygen therapy

  12. patriziamusic says:

    i could not feel a thing and it was my sisters who noticed my left side ofthe face drooping and drooling.. thanks to their quick action in calling 911 and was saved…

  13. Tomasz Skaba says:

    Excellent interview Dr Khalessi . Brain Stroke Managment Future is endovascular surgery.

  14. patriziamusic says:

    not only i am under 65 i had no medical nor family history so i still donyt know why it happened.. thank god i was with my sisters who were quick to see half of my face droop and called 911.. i felt nothing at all ..

  15. backley34608 says:

    under drugs you did not mention  folks huffing nitrates

  16. patriziamusic says:

    i hope someone does something soon to help post stroke victims to go back yp what they were.. i pray every day for a miracle treatment please. if anyone knows it please message me

  17. Bill Kabitz says:

    We continue to make advancements in medical technology with new medical devices. I work for a startup medical device company that is developing new Neuro-endovascular (catheters and guide wire devices) designed to address AIS (Acute Ischemic Stroke). Stay tuned! We are making advancements every day.

  18. frank adams says:

    it is good this is on you tube. i have had a stroke and its hard to get help after stroke. is anything there i can do to help my problem. wish i was given advice a couple of years ago as my heart was not beating properly. and i was having high blood pressure.

  19. Jeff Karotkin says:

    Great discussion and explanation not only of what a stroke is, but what treatments are available.  The endovascular procedure saved my mom two days ago.  She had a massive stroke and within a matter of hours she went from the stroke, to paralysis and major impairment to the removal of the blockage and the almost complete reversal of the paralysis and impairment.  It was unbelievable to witness first hand the advancement in medicine.  My family is so thankful to the surgeon Dr. William Mack, his team and everyone at USC Keck Medical center for saving my mom.

  20. Joanne Vincent says:

    make a girl minon named fathe please ohplease

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