How to STOP Concealer from Creasing + Tips

How to STOP Concealer from Creasing + Tips

thumbs up for makeup tutorials! Watch next: How to cover DARK CIRCLES + Under Eye Bags

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Have you seen last weeks video? A CURLY hair tutorial for spring yay :)

Products Used:
MAC Mineralize Charged Water Gel
MAC Prolongwear Concealer
MAC Prep + Prime Pressed Transluscent Powder
Beauty Blender

Products Mentioned
MAC Studio Finish Cover Concealer Palette (good for covering pimples)
Urban Decay Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer
Anastasia Beverly Hills Concealer

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20 thoughts on “How to STOP Concealer from Creasing + Tips”

  1. Leila o says:

    tu es si moche.

  2. dee xo says:

    So i put eyeshadow primer on my eyes I put like enough but it still creases :(

  3. Deven Awalt says:

    thank you for this!!!

  4. shasha popsi says:

    what's the white powder called?

  5. Desiree Diaz says:

    Cakey nose !!! 😩

  6. Sasha Kelsi says:

    My eyeshadow won't last even if I'm using eye primer

  7. Amazing Ashlyn says:

    Did anyone else notice the tattoo on her finger?

  8. Nicole Sewell says:

    I have no idea of what to purchase for my deep set dark circles and bags. I'm really depressed about my eyes looking so horrible.

  9. Brayan Trejo says:

    This helped so much 👌🏽👌🏽😍😍

  10. Hind Jamal says:

    such an informative video <3!

  11. Fariha Rashid says:

    which concealer is good for oily skin?

  12. Angie Rodriguez says:

    I have oily skin! Do all my makeup gotta be matte? 😞

  13. Miki Reed says:

    Help I watch alot of eyebrow tutorials and they say go light on the larger part of the brow to make hair like strokes it doesnt work even if I press hard. It doesnt stick .I even cleanse my brows .please help thanks Miki

  14. skay says:

    I have fair skin, my concealer looks fine under my eyes until I set it with a loose powder. Then it seems to jump up a few shades and get darker/ more orange. It happens with all different concealers. Any tips???

  15. Natasha S says:

    How to stop your face getting really shiny after applying makeup

  16. Upasana Kumar says:

    You really know a lot about makeup…..

  17. Jmdbeauty101 Davis says:

    mine is finding the right skin tone and getting good products cheep or not having what I want

  18. Angela Rose says:

    My lips are chapped all the time!

  19. Mariel Takeuchi says:

    how do you stop flashback from flash photos ): !?!?

  20. chelsea2451 says:

    Wooow short and sweeet! you literally covered everything in this video and its not 20 mins long. You are amazing. Subscribed.

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