How to Stop Blushing: Just Why Do We Blush?

How to stop blushing is a very common question asked by teenagers and young adults every day of the week. The memory of blushing in embarrassment is such a powerful emotion it can last for years and make the sufferers’ life a misery. Many people can remember specific instances of blushing decades later.

Although embarrassment is about social situations, the physical response is often a furious and uncontrollable blushing because we feel we have lost our self esteem, and made ourselves look stupid. The blushing area is most commonly the face and neck and sometimes the upper chest.

It is the embarrassment factor of blushing that makes it difficult to control or stop. The embarrassment felt over others reactions to your blushing can be crippling. This means that blushing can be a vicious circle; you fear a situation where you know you may blush and that fear itself tends to lead to heightened blushing.

However before you start to learn to stop blushing remember there are some positive aspects to blushing, it does alert people to how you feel. Because as we have said it is psychological you fear blushing and there are certain situations in which you may blush because you are frightened of blushing. This is a conditioned response to the fear of blushing.

The person who can reprogramme their responses so that they can remove the fear tends to blush less. These psychological factors are more prevalent when someone feels they are judged and then criticized or ridiculed. As a result of this it is more apparent with total strangers, but for some it can happen within the family situation or with close friends.

Over and above the psychological causes for blushing are the physiological causes, or what happens physically when we blush. Many psychologists believe that most of human behavior is rooted in our behavior thousands of years ago and what we do now is adaptive behavior from that time. When men were hunters they were occasionally faced with danger and they had to decide what to do and this was caused the “fight or flight” response, did they stay and fight or run for their lives.

If primitive man made the choice to run the only chance of survival was a speedy exit. Therefore the body prepared to respond to the emergency and released adrenaline and also allowed the blood vessels to dilate thereby causing the muscles to get the maximum oxygen and move fast. When the blood vessels dilate the blood becomes closer to the surface and the face gets red.

Just how to stop blushing is not an easy or necessarily simple answer because of its many causes, but there are certainly a range of options you can try.

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