How To Stop Blushing And Cure Social Anxiety Today

Blushing as a natural physical response when we are feeling embarrassed or in an situation that we are not confident in, many people who suffer from social anxiety reportable have more blushing episodes than normal. (Please note: Not everyone who blushes has social anxiety, and not every person with social anxiety blushes.)

An example of a situation when many people report blushing more frequently is around the opposite sex, made to stand and talk in front of a group of people, when put on the spot maybe by surprise from a work supervisor or teacher.

All of these situations are potential triggers to people whose social anxiety symptoms include blushing.

When people blush there is often an element of surprise involved. When people blush they often become a lot more self conscious of what others may think which can then cause the blushing to increase.

For someone suffering from severe blushing it can be a horrific experience in the moment however the circumstance that set it off may or may not be that real after all.

Let me try to explain this more clearly, it is our perception of what is happening that makes us respond in the way we do. That is, it is the way we view the situation filtered by our beliefs that will cause you to blush.

As an example if you have the belief that everyone is out to hurt you versus a belief that everyone is out to help you, your perception of the world will vary greatly and you will respond accordingly.

There are some commonalities that cause people to blush however it can also be a vary a lot between individuals. Some people may blush more frequent when they are around the opposite sex while another standing in front of a group answering questions and talking can trigger their blushing.

Whatever the triggers are that cause you to lush there are many ways you can treat it and learn how to control and even stop blushing altogether. One method that has worked even though it sounds strange why it would it to simply “don’t worry about it”. Learn to relax and feel the moment just the way it is and think nothing of it.

I know this sounds weird, however just going with the flow and staying focused externally on what you are doing or the conversation at hand, many people have noticed their blushing to simply just fade away after a few minutes.

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