How To Makeup Tips To Beautify A Woman’s Eyes

Human beauty has been enhanced by paint and powder since the dawn of time and how to makeup tips can be very useful for the beginner makeup user. Any persons most remarkable and beautiful feature is their eyes. It is said that the eyes are the windows to the soul and they reflect our inner selves.

Learning how to enhance this, our most important feature, is any woman’s goal when she settles down in front of her makeup mirror. The first thing you need to determine is what color the eyes are and how large they are in comparison to your other features.

The color of your eyes will be the determining factor in which color eye shadows you use. Generally you should use colors that contrast with your eye color. Blue on blue, or brown on brown will not enhance your eye color, but will make the color less intense, so try to steer clear of these shades.

Your eyeliner application can be tricky and should correlate with the size of your eyes. European women tend to have larger eyes and can use their eyeliner liberally, encircling the entire eye which has the effect of making their eyes look smaller. So if this is you, experiment with your eyeliner and find the bold look that suits you.

If you have smaller eyes and wish to enhance them you should apply eyeliner to the top lid, but only across three quarters of the lid, stopping in line with the outer edge of the iris. If you do apply eyeliner to the lower lid, do not join it up at the outer edge with the eyeliner applied to your top lid.

Smaller eyes should be enhanced with lighter or softer toned eyeliners while the darker colors are perfect for larger eyes. As a rule, apply darker eye shadow to the upper lid, towards the outer edge of the eye, using lighter tones closer to the inner corner and just below your brow bone.

Heavy lidded eyes can be more difficult to apply makeup to than more open eyes and in such a case, steer clear of eyeliner altogether. It will only minimize the size of your eyes. Instead, accentuate the shape of the lids by applying a good quality lash lengthening mascara in black or dark brown.

There is a little trick to applying mascara and to do it thoroughly you should close the eye, sweeping it onto your lashes in a smooth upwards motion. Make sure to apply the product to the lashes on both eyelids and then close the eye for a minute to allow it to dry thoroughly. This will prevent mascara transfer that could ruin your eye shadow.

Heavy lidded eyes benefit from using pale neutral shades on the upper lids. Pick warm colors over cool colors. Blue, dark green, purple, grey, even silver have a darkening effect that can make your eyes seem smaller, more recessed, than they are. Stick to pastels and coral shades with warm autumn tones to really enhance your eyes.

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