How to Get Rid of Chapped Lips With Treatment Tips

Soft, smooth lips are very glamorous, but often difficult to achieve, particularly in the cooler months of the year. Chapped lips are ordinary problem in winter season. Chapped lips are disagreeable. Dry air and wind take their toll.

Here’s are some tips to get rid of chapped lips.

Drink a lot of water daily.

Vitamin E gel capsule excellent for chapped lips.

Wear lip sunscreen with SPF before you choose to absorb the sun at the beach.

Use cool, salt-soaked cloths to the lips daily to hydrate the lips.

Use mustard oil in navel. Mustard gets rid of chapped lips and also its work as protective and 100% effective.

Apply petroleum jelly or lip balm on the chapped lips. Apply lip balm daily to keep lips supple and flake liberated. Castor oil works best when you initial use natural petroleum or alcohol-free balm (with SPF 15) on your lips and leave it for a few minutes before applying a defensive layer of castor oil on top. Many people are given trust for having beautiful lips.Unluckily, many people are also noticed for having ugly chapped lips. Take care of your lips.


Normally, chapped lips occur when moisture of lips disappears. In the absence of moisture lips become easily chapped. The main cause of chapped lips is exposure to sun, wind, heat and dry air as all these conditions take the moisture from the skin. If you are not taking essential fatty acids or a diet that is poor in vitamin B, there are much chances of having dry lips. Dehydration is another cause of dry lips. If someone applies the lipstick which is highly chemical then there is a chance of having chapped lips.

Treatment of Chapped Lips :-

Avoid licking your lips, since the saliva will vanish and leave them dry.

Use a sunscreen on your lips when exterior in sunny weather.

Keep in mind that cracks at the corners of your mouth can indicate riboflavin insufficiencies; you can care for this with vitamin B-2 supplements.

Home Remedies for Chapped Lips :-

Lip Protection: select an oil-based lubricating cream to defend your lips. Choose lip balms that offer the safety of petrolatum other beeswax. When purchasing lip balm, go for an unflavored choice.

Lessen the Irritation: Since chapped lips are more sensitive, some of your preferred foods and ingredients can worsen your symptoms. Try taking a break from items like orange juice, alcoholic drinks, pepper, mustard, and barbecue sauce until your lips cure.

Scarf: When briefly stepping exterior to grab the mail or walk the dog during the winter season, apply lip balm and cover your lips with a scarf.

Prevent Infection: If you thought chapped lips were insupportable, imagine infected chapped lips. Rub an over-the-counter antibiotic ointment (like Bacitracin other Polysporin Ointment) on your lips in the morning and at night when they are harshly chapped.

Cucumber : A few people have gained relief by rubbing a cucumber piece on their chapped lips.

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