How To Cure Spots And Acne -13 Ways

This article talks about different ways to cure acne. Having acne and spots can cause lots of unhappiness and distress. I have listed 13 ways to help to cure acne to try and help you overcome your bad skin.

1) Wash You Face Daily With a Good Skin Friendly Face Wash

You should wash you face 1-2 times a day with a good and kind face cleanser. The ingredients should be natural and be proven to work. This will help keep your face clear from bad bacteria and prevent spots.

2) Use a Good Face Scrub Once a week

Once every week you should use a good quality face scrub. The main aim of this is to remove the dead skin cells that can attract bacteria which then cusses acne and spots. You should avoid scrubbing too hard or too often as this will make your skin condition much worse.

3) Wash you Bed Sheets Every Night

When you sleep your face is rubbing against the bed covers and spreading bacteria from your skin over your sheets and pillow cases. You should wash your bed covers as often as possible.

4) Drink Lots of Water

Drinking lots of water will flush the bad toxins from your body and clear your skin from the inside. It will also improve your mental alertness and mood.

5) Keep Good Hygiene

Keeping yourself clean and hygienic will help you to clear up your skin. Living in a clean environment will prevent the spread of the acne causing bad bacteria

6) Do Not Pick or Scratch Your Skin

As hard as it may be, you must stop yourself from picking your spots as this will irritate and spread them and will make the problem much worse.

7) Quit Smoking

Giving up smoking will help to clear up your bad skin.

8) Do Not Drink Alcohol

Alcohol will make your skin much worse so it is best to avoid alcohol until your skin improves

9) Get Lots Fresh Air

You should get lots of fresh air to keep your body and skin healthy.

10) Keep Busy

Keeping busy will help to keep your mind off your skin. When you think about how bad it is, you are actually making it worse. Keep active and you will start to see big improvements.

11) Take a Daily Multi vitamin

A daily Multi vitamin will ensure your body is getting all the vitamins and minerals it needs to be healthy and repair your skin

12) Eat Lots of Fresh Fruit

Eating lots of fresh fruit is one of the most common ways to improve your health and skin condition. Aim for 5 pieces a day. Smoothies are also good as you can make them yourself at home.

13) Fat Binders

Fat Binders work by absorbing the fat content in the food you eat. They normally absorb around 18% of the fat intake and they come as a supplement that you take with your meal. If your meals are generally high in fat then its a good idea to take fat binders to help you to lose weight and feel better about yourself

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