How To Choose The Best Colon Cleanser

There are many types of colon cleansers in the market today. To find the best colon cleanser, first know what you require. One colon cleanser may work for an individual and not for another. So read through this article to see what the best colon cleanser is for you.

Fasting has been around for a long time. Many decide to fast for health reasons. Fasting can be used to cleanse your colon. It can get rid of parasites, preservatives, drug deposits and other toxins that are harmful to your body. When all these accumulate overtime, you may start to feel tired all the time and other unwanted symptoms.

To prepare for you fast, start eating lighter meals for a number of days. This is so you get used to the activity. As you approach your first day of fasting, make your meals lighter and lighter. Also make sure a restroom is available nearby while you’re fasting.

Oftentimes a fast will last for 6 days or more. Fasts often consist of drinking only liquids, especially fruit juices. Fruit juices act as natural cleansing agents and when combined with Epsom salts, the combination encourages your bowels to keep moving during the day. There are different kinds of fasts. You may do a search online and then see a doctor about your plans.

If you like going natural all the way, then fasting is the best colon cleanser for you. Fasting requires a lot, including will power, endurance and persistence. However its benefits are all worth it in the end. Fasting is thought to be the best colon cleanser because of its powerful cleansing abilities without the detrimental side effects. This is considering one fasts the right way and with the approval of a healthcare professional.

For those who aren’t ready to fast, a high fiber diet is the best colon cleanser for you. You should consume at least 25 to 30 grams of fiber every day. Most fruits, vegetables and grains are high in fiber. Fiber is proven to keep your bowels healthy.

The more fiber you take the faster the cleansing action in your colon. Fiber encourages food to keep traveling through your bowls, make the walls of the colon swell for better passage, and keeps stools soft and intact. If your usual diet doesn’t consist of enough fiber, you may want to speak with your physician about fiber supplements.

The administration of enemas is a traditional method in dealing with hardened waste. A form of enema is colonic irrigation. This is a practice in which waste is eliminated with the help of warm flushes of water. This is thought to be the best colon cleanser because it doesn’t cause any pain and it takes a much lesser time to complete the whole process. The price for this may be higher compared to other practices but this is good for quicker results.

Cleaning your colon means a lot of things. You may simply want to get rid of the symptoms of an unhealthy bowel. You may want to lose weight faster or maintain your healthy weight. And you may want to cleanse you body first to start fresh on your new diet and exercise regimen. The best colon cleanser really depends on what you want and need. Before jumping into using a colon cleanser though, consult with your doctor.

What is the best colon cleanser for your body? Know more about colon cleansing and natural colon detox.

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